4th Annual Trinidad & Las Animas County Golf Tournament September 29th, 2007

4th Annual Trinidad & Las Animas County
Chamber of Commerce
Golf Tournament


September 29th, 2007

Entry Fee:        $75/person or $300/team 
Includes:  18 holes of fun golf, a cart, refreshments and lunch.
Check-In Time:    8:00 a.m. at the Trinidad Municipal Golf Course. 
Format/Start:    Shotgun start at 9 a.m.
Entry Deadline:    September 24th, 2007

Payment:    Cash, check, bill, or charge.  If by check, please make checks payable to the Trinidad Chamber of Commerce.

For additional information call at 719-846-9285

$50.00 Tee Sponsor
                   Sponsor receives placement of tee sponsorship sign at tee box, and recognition
                   In the October edition of Open for Business  newsletter.

$75.00 per player    Please sign me up as an individual golfer and assign me to a team. 
                                      (Price includes cart, green fees, lunch and refreshments)

$300.00 per team    Please sign up my 4-person team, the names are listed below.
                                     (Price includes cart, green fees, lunch and refreshments)

For additional information call at 719-846-9285

A Landowner’s Oil and Gas Workshop

Oil & Gas Accountability Project • 970-259-3353 • Durango, CO 81302 • www.ogap.org

A Landowner’s Oil and Gas Workshop
Monday, October 1, 2007 • 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
La Plata County Fairgrounds
2500 Main Avenue • Durango, Colorado

presented by the Oil & Gas Accountability Project
and San Juan Citizens Alliance

Protecting Your Land and the Colorado Landowner’s Protection Act

The purpose of the workshop is to provide landowners with information on the Colorado Landowner’s Protection Act. This new law went into effect September 1 and is hailed as one of the most powerful state laws in the nation in terms of protecting landowners’ rights and the environment.

The workshop will address the following topics:

• What does the new law do for me?
• What kinds of requirements can I now negotiate with the oil and gas company?
• Why do they want to drill for oil and gas on my land?
• What is a split-estate?
• What if a company fails to minimize their impact on my land?
• What does it mean that a company bears the burden of proof in any litigation?
• How do I negotiate with an oil and gas company?
• Is the company required to notify me in advance of drilling operations?
• Is the company required to provide me with a development plan?
• What if I disagree with the company on the location of the well pad and/or other facilities?
• What are the pros and cons of negotiating a Surface Use Agreement
• Will the company compensate me for damages?
• Rights of adjacent property owners

Speakers and guests include: State Representative Ellen Roberts, State Senator Jim Isgar, Gwen Lachelt – Oil & Gas Accountability Project, and Lance Astrella – oil and gas attorney.

: The Colorado Landowner’s Protection Act is a law passed by the Colorado Legislature, and signed by Governor Ritter in 2007, that puts into statute the 1997 Colorado Supreme Court Case, Gerrity vs. Magness. Before this law was passed, oil and gas companies in Colorado were not required to consider the rights of landowners before drilling nor were they required to prevent and reduce their impacts. The Oil & Gas Accountability Project, San Juan Citizens Alliance and others worked with Representative Ellen Roberts (R-Durango) and Senator Jim Isgar (D-Hesperus) to draft and promote passage of this important law.


Josh Joswick
[email protected]
970-259-3583 x212
fax 970-259-8303

San Juan Citizens Alliance 970-259-3583

Oil & Gas Accountability Project • 970-259-3353 • Durango, CO 81302 • www.ogap.org


Aguilar Colorado’s New Main Street Project is Completed

Aguilar Colorado has had a recent face lift for the first time in many years as the result of a $1 Million Dollar plus Grant that was the brain child of Mayor Don Starbuck who through a lot of hard work made this exciting project a reality. Starting with an upgraded drainage system then on to new curb, gutter and sidewalks and the addition of period style street lights, benches and bear proof trash cans with the final finishing touches of brand new paving!

As you can see from these photos this Main Street Project has been a major improvement over the old cracked dangerous sidewalks, missing curb and one bumpy patched main street pavement. I anticipate that these new improvements will spark a lot of interest in new businesses for sleepy downtown Aguilar. We are really hoping for a Dinner or Restaurant to come to town…hint, hint, hint….as there has been a great need for this with all the new residents moving in just west of Aguilar and building homes on their 35 acre parcels for full time living. Bottom line is that we are very happy to see these positive changes in Aguilar!

And we also understand that grants have been secured for some other projects in Aguilar like new windows for the Library. Maybe we can get Mayor Don Starbuck to give us an update on local happenings in Aguilar sometime soon!

View looking east on Main Street

Outside of Ringo’s Market, looking West,  is a new Bench and Trash can along with a new Light.

I almost forgot to mention that Aguilar also has new planters with beautiful trees with a automatic
watering system too! Here is a photo outside of Verderaime’s Bakery.

Looking East from about the middle of Main Street you can really see just how nice the final
work looks. Thanks Mayor Don Starbuck for all your hard work!

If you would like to share updates about your local Southern Colorado Community in Las Animas or Huerfano Counties near Trinidad and Walsenburg please send us an email and we will get your local news posted here on Trinidadco.com

Oil and Gas Drilling affects Family Farm – A Legacy Destroyed!

Linn Blancett pulls his pickup truck to a stop and lets out a weary sigh. "You see that area there," he says, pointing to a patch of land that borders a well pad pumping out gas, the surface once covered with grass now bare. "That’s supposed to be reseeded." We are in the northwest corner of New Mexico, a few miles from the Colorado border, in the heart of the San Juan Basin, a bowl-shaped, 7,500-square-mile expanse that sits atop one of the largest natural-gas reserves in the country. Linn Blancett and his wife, Tweeti, have been running cattle here for much of their lives. Their ranch stretches across 32,000 acres of mostly federal land, hilly, high-desert terrain where the Blancetts first settled as homesteaders six generations ago, back in the 1870s.

Read the Rest of the Story Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

There is a New Buzz in Trinidad

Something special is happening in Trinidad. You can’t touch it per say but you can sure feel it as you drive around town. Trinidad is exploding with a new confidence and direction as we move into the second half of 2007. You see it everywhere you go in the town and Las Animas County. People are fixing up their buildings and businesses all over town and even the City of Trinidad is getting into the act.

The general feeling is that Cougar Canyon with it’s Jack Nicolas designed golf course and home sites, which is just getting off the ground now, is lighting the fire of positive activity. But the truth is there are many things going on like our new redesigned Interstate as it goes through town and there is the two new hotels, Holiday Inn and La Quinta, that just broke ground at Exit 11 near Walmart.

The Old Schneider Brewery
The Old Schneider Brewery Building will become a pedestrian mall
with retail shops, lofts and offices.

There is also the new Pedestrian Mall that will be starting construction soon in the old Schneider Brewery building that will have retail shops and offices on the main level and residential lofts on the remaining levels. They also own the old Radio Shack building that collapsed in the heavy snow last year and this space along with the open space north of this building will be used also as part of their development.

The Old Michael Beshoar Building
The Old Dr. Michael Beshoar Building

One of my favorites is the old Michael Beshoar building above on Commercial Street that is being restored by Frank Images. I understand there is living quarters upstairs and retail space downstairs. All of the front windows have been replaced and updated. Great job on the detailed painting too.

And then there is the old McCormick Building that is across the street from the Columbia Hotel and First National Bank that has been restored upstairs with living space and all of the main street level businesses have also been restored. What a beautiful building and a fantastic job of restoring the structure to a new splendor. I understand that the owners of this building also own the old Tire Store on Main Street near Safeway and it is being restored and spiffed up right now for a new restaurant that will be opening soon and it is understood that the previous owners of the Timbers in Cuchara are going to be running it. Yum Yum! Pretty exciting stuff.

There is no way that I even touched on all the buildings and businesses that have been fixed up or are under construction right now but we are so enthused about the steady solid growth that we see in Trinidad. My hat is off to all those that are doing such a great job with their buildings in town! And last but not least even Aguilar has had a face lift with new curb and gutter, sidewalks and paving on main street including period street lights and benches. Wow! You will be surprised at the new look of Trinidad.