Monthly Archives: April 2008

New British Columbia Oil and Gas Law Overlooks Coalbed Methane Concerns

The British Columbia government missed an opportunity to address province-wide concerns about coalbed methane (CBM) in the recently announced Oil and Gas Activities Act. The Act does little to fix weak points in the province’s approach to coalbed methane development, according to preliminary analysis by the Pembina Institute. The Act received first reading on April […]

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“The War is over. Halliburton Won!”

That’s from a pickup truck’s bumper sticker spied by author Alexandra Fuller on a jaunt across Wyoming. It’s part of a column the Wilson-based writer wrote for the New York Times Op-Ed pages. In it, she blasts the "untouchables" that run the oil and gas industry in Wyoming.   And a powerful oil lobby reminds […]

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14 Facing Reality about Coalbed Methane

While we all consume oil and gas, it’s extraction is sidelined by conflicts worldwide. It doesn’t even matter if you take a look at an older or a brand new story coming out of Peru Recent protests and strong opposition are also on the rise in Canada and the US, where a new coalbed methane […]

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