The Trinidaddio Blues Fest is Tomorrow Saturday August 27

Trinidad Colorado just thought they were shook up by the recent Earthquake, but wait until tomorrow when the Trinidaddio Blues Fest comes to town for some mind blowing entertainment. Things get started tonight, Friday August 26th, with the Pre-Fest Party at the El Rancho Bar and Cafe. Then to give you plenty of time to recoup the show starts at Noon Sharp, doors open at 11am.

Tomorrows weather is predicted to be 88 degrees with a 20% chance of thunderstorms. I do suggest that you come prepared for rain because for the last few years it seems that weather has been an issue at the Trinidaddio Blues Fest, something always happens. But the weather lately has been really nice so you can probably expect a few rain showers late in the afternoon but also some cooling shade from the clouds so it should be a nice day at the festival.

While you are in town there check out some of the local businesses and restaurants and also if you get the chance take the drive around Highway 12 on Sunday after the Blues Fest and see how beautiful the “Highway of Legends” is especially if you haven’t taken this drive.

Enjoy the Trinidaddio Blues Festival and for more information visit their website at

Fear that Gas Fracking and Water Disposal Triggered Earthquake Swarms

Officials and local residents are concerned that Gas Well Fracking and Deep Water Disposal/Injection might be the cause of the recent Earthquake Swarm as well as the one in Aug/Sep of 2011.

The State of Arkansas also recently put an Emergency Moritorium on Fracking to determine if a recent swarm of earthquakes was triggered by oil and gas activities.

Read this article here on The Colorado Independent News site “Past earthquakes in southern Colorado studied for links to gas fracking, water disposal”

In this area the swarm of earthquakes have been located and pinpointed very close to the main deep injection well near Cokedale and Valdez, west of Trinidad Colorado in Las Animas County.

How do you feel about this? Do you think there is a connection?

List of Recent Earthquakes near Trinidad Colorado

Here is a list of the recent earthquakes near Trinidad Colorado. Click on this image to enlarge it.

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Click here to see an updated list

Did you feel the Earthquake?

Share your experiences and thoughts with the 5.3 magnitude Earthquake in Trinidad.

Did you feel the Earthquake, what was it like?

Did you have any property damage or see other damage?

Earthquakes Rattle Trinidad Colorado

Yesterday on August 22, 2011 the Trinidad Area experienced three earthquakes throughout the day. The first one, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, was a 2.9 magnitude quake that was reported at 7:52 a.m.  At 5:30 p.m. we experienced a 4.6 magnitude quake. Those were mild compared to the 5.3 magnitude quake that we had at 11:46 p.m. last night.

Strongest Earthquake in Colorado in 38 Years

This 5.3 magnitude quake is said to be the strongest in Colorado in almost 38 years. In 1973 there was a 5.7 recorded near Grand Junction. It was felt in Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas and other states. You can get more details here on the USGS website

Map of Earthquake Locations near Trinidad

Location of Earthquakes near Trinidad Colorado

The 5.3 Earthquake was felt in many areas of Colorado and New Mexico

It was reported that some homes got damaged and that there were rock slides along Interstate 25 and Highway 12 but traffic wasn’t interrupted. I would imagine that more reports will come out today sharing more of the damage done.

Are these Earthquakes Caused by Deep Injection

Trinidad experienced a swarm of earthquakes between August and September 2001 and there was a study done on this that you can read here Earthquake Swarm near Trinidad 2001. When this all happened the USGS really wasn’t equipped to monitor this area because their monitoring stations were near Denver and Albuquerque but when they pinpointed the area of activity it was centered very close to the area where Pioneer Resources disposes of what they call “Waste Water”, which is water that they remove from the ground during their Gas Well drilling operations in Las Animas County.

The earthquake swarm in 2001 and these three earthquakes yesterday including this 5.3 magnitude quake all happened in the same area west of Trinidad close to their deep injection well. Is this a co-incidence? Maybe not. In 1961-66 the US Army at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal was deep injecting fluids, including toxic chemicals, but in 1966 it is reported “The Army discontinued use of the well in Feb. 1966 because of the possibility that the fluid injection was triggering earthquakes in the area”. You can read that report here and here

So there is evidence that deep injection could very well be the cause of these earthquakes near Trinidad, what do you think?

Personally I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that there was a lot of activity at this deep injection in the recent days or weeks. Seems very interesting that these “Earthquakes” are centered in this area. I hope that someone can do some research into this to see if there is a connection but I can assure you that Pioneer Resources will deny any responsibility. But really isn’t it time that we stand up for Las Animas County and ask for a serious investigation into this.

As I am writing this at 8:11 am on Auguest 23 we just had another 3.9 quake! Pretty concerning…..don’t you think.

The Carnegie Public Library in Trinidad Colorado needs your help!

We aren’t asking for money; we need something even more precious: YOUR TIME

The Carnegie Public Library’s Public Computer Center is scheduled to open on September 10, 2011. It will be located in the heart of our beautiful downtown, right on Main Street, as part of BTOP. The Broadband Technology Opportunity Program grant, available to public libraries and Tribal centers, the grant prioritized ADA compliance, low income and diverse populations. A combined total of $3.3 million, including generous donations from the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation, funded computers, training, partnerships and a public awareness campaign to develop or augment Public Computer Centers.

The Carnegie Library’s Public Computer Center will feature an ADA compliant workstation, twenty laptop stations, a color printer/copier, and immediate hands-on help in addition to scheduled classes. Las Animas area residents in need of computer training to assist with education, work force, health, and other similar needs will find help at no cost at our public computing center.

The Trinidad Carnegie Public Library received nearly $30,000, with a portion contributed by our local Library Foundation, for hardware, software, security, and the many other costs associated with opening a place where our patrons can learn to use up-to-date computers

and access the Internet. Unfortunately, the grant did not include funding for staffing a Public Computer Center.  Because of the current economic situation, and the Library’s already underfunded and understaffed status, we must rely on volunteers to run the center.

Can you help? If you have people skills, we need you.  If you enjoy teaching, we need you. If you have experience with computers, we need you. If you don’t have strong computer skills, we still need you because the Colorado State Library will offer training. By committing to a two-hour shift per week, you can give your family, friends, neighbors, constituents, and your customers the chance to access information, apply for employment, and pursue educational goals. Knowing how to use a computer and surf the ‘Net are no longer optional skills; it’s difficult to be an active and participating member of the 21st century if you aren’t connected.

For more details, please contact Jane Besel at the Carnegie Public Library by calling 719 846 6841, emailing her at [email protected] with “PCC Volunteer” as the subject, or dropping in at the Library.