UFO’s in Las Animas County? Cattle Mutilated

There have been numerous cases reported in Southern Colorado of cattle mutilations, cattle with their sex organs removed, in the last few decades and Las Animas County has had their share. These yet unexplained happening are very mysterious to say the least. I have personally seen some of these cattle and what is first apparent is that the buzzards and crows will not touch these dead cows. I have seen bald eagles show up within hours of a dead animal dying to feed on the carcass but they won’t touch these mutilated cows that have had their organs removed. And they seem to take a really long time to decompose also.

Check out this video posted on YouTube

So is it aliens doing this? or a secret government operation….who knows but it sure is interesting why this would be happening. Just one of the mysteries of Southern Colorado.

Have you seen any of these mutilated cows yourself?


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