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    Building a house

    This is an addition to our previous posting. My wife and I are moving to Trinidad from Omaha Ne. in June of 05. We have been researching Trinidad for the last 2 years. We have made several trips out there looking at property and houses and bought 7 acres in Spanish Highlands and are having a modular built on it. We know that water and mineral rights are very sticky subjects. We are having a tough time finding out where to get water for a cistern system.If anyone out there in the hills has any info, we would be grateful to hear it. I'm a Southern California native and moved to Omaha to get away from the crowds. 8 years later, Omaha has gotten too crowded for my taste. Not to mention all this flat gives me the willies. For anyone looking for property in the Trinidad area, we have been working with Ed Trommeter at Town and Country Realty and we highly recommend him. Again, any info on rural water would be greatly appreciated.
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