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Thread: Meth and Trinidad

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    Meth and Trinidad

    Although the last post on this particular string of commentary is a couple of weeks old, we cannot forget that unfortunately crimes is everywhere. I lived in trindad for almost 14 years, from junior high through junior college, and yes I knew people that were into drugs, or in the vernacular, "had the monkey on their backs." I now live in Denver and have come to appreciate the serenity and beauty that lie in and around Trinidad. My wife and I are thinking of moving back there in the next few years, to essentially raise our children. So I do think Trinidad has a lot of potential, minus the negatives.
    JN Valdez

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    I agree wholeheartedly. Trinidad's drug problem is HUGE and the police are vastly outnumbered by the problem but it is being addressed and the more of us who will stop whineing about it and stop turning a blind eye to it the better our community will be. Let's get the local police to realize that they don't all need a private car and spend some of that money on investigation and stings! the place for all things computer


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