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Thread: Coming to visit

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    Coming to visit

    We are finally going to get to come to Trinidad to visit next week. Can anyone tell me what the weather is there now and if there are any interesting things going on next week.
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    Weather in Trinidad has always been pretty unpredictable, but for now, it has been bordering on warm to hot and cooling down in the evenings. Sorry, don't know about any happenings going on, but I am giving you links to the two local newspapers, just for your info. Hope you enjoy your stay here!

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    This is also the Windy season...Bring light jackets and layer...Can get some nasty weather out of nowhere at any time now. There are no Major events that I am aware of. This is the end of a very busy time in the city. Just had Blues Fest. and then Labor day with the Las Animas County fair having run all week and now school just started. Sort of a catch your breath time. Also we are entering the local political season with hot races in City Council and School Board amongst other elections. Our Mayor "Uncle" Joe Reorda is running for a 3rd term uncontested. He was my principal from the 6th grade throughout HS graduation. His nephew Jim is one of my lifelong best pals.
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