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    Carnegie Public Library

    This is in response to... lvnrckts... comment as to the fact that since I am at the library almost on a daily basis, that I should be satified with what I have. Being satified with what you have is being stagnant. History is an going event and is not stagnant, nor am I. Yes, I want more obituaries, more names of soldiers, more information about our community, and more lists of marriage certificates. These are the tools I use to help people in their genealogy. We should always strive to make a good thing even better. In this case, the history collection. I am grateful for all of Trinidad's early preservationists. For without them I would not be able go into that small little room and come out with so, so much information on "our" ancestors. I had the HONOR to be able to know and serve the legendary Mr. Glen Aultman at the library. He was a very special individual. Bernice Kane, who would go out into the country and record the names on the headstones and would scurry back into the library to record them. Louise Hanks, author of "What Made Trinidad-Trinidad". Such an elegant historian of Trinidad. Morris F. Taylor, my TSJC history teacher and author of "Trinidad, Colorado". Mr. Patrick Donachy, my science teacher, author of so many books about coal camps. Dr. Gene Torres, author of 5-6 books on the Torres genealogy, which he donated copies of to the library. And many, many more people who have taken time "out their own lives" to make the history collection what it is today. They need their respect for the efforts that they put forth, so "we" as a community should ensure that all of their dedication IS respected and especially.....used ! Not to be locked up in this room but to be secured well enough to keep it's contents safe and yet accesible. When another individual and myself, who are so desperately striving for this respect and the proper use of these materials in this room, stand in front of the library board, we are not there for ourselves, we are there representing all of the people who walk into the library looking for their loved ones, and the many people who, like on this forum , are merely looking for their ancestors. We are only 2 voices, but there are many who may be unable to speak their feelings because of their positions in our community. We have many who support us like the "Friends of the Library", "Trinidad Historical Society",& the "Hispanic Genealogical Society". And if I leave anyone out, I apologize. It is not the newspapers "civic duty" to archive their papers for research, it is the Carnegie Public Library's RESPONSIBILITY to do this for the library. If I am able to go into the library and get newspaper articles from the late 1800's, then why, in 2005, can't I go and access newspapers from both of our local newspapers. Our ancestors did their part. Are we doing ours ? What are we saving for our children? As one who visits the library regularly I think I can speak from first hand knowledge that ......WE ARE NOT. I want my, and your great-great-grandchildren to be able to go and find our obituary or anything that would concern us. The newspapers are NOT being housed in an "efficent manner" as you stated they would be. Last week as I was looking for two old Spanish Newpapers that need to be micro-filmed (and could not find ) I noticed one very old Italian Newspaper (which I believe is already on film) bent in half with other papers on top. The paper of these old newspapers are very fragile,and should be placed flat. Being as you are a big part of the library, aren't the newspapers sent to Denver to be micro-filmed on a regular basis? If you are concerned about a fire hazard, then maybe scented candles should not be used in the library as they are. The head librarian is and should be the stewart of "ALL" of the library, including the history collection. Here is a quote from David Lowental: "The past remains intregal to us all, individually and collectively. We must CONCEDE the ancients their place...But the past is not simply back there, in a seperate amd foreign country, it is assimulated in ourselves & resurrected in our ever changing present". I am not the library's enemy. I am only trying to do my part, as being a good stewart of what was left to US ALL. Trinidad has a "treasure" in that history collection, but without proper supervision over it, it will be lost, and things will continue to be tossed out,like our year books were !
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