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Thread: Jose Felix MAES and Maria Trinidad CORDOVA

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    Jose Felix MAES and Maria Trinidad CORDOVA

    I'm hoping that someone on the Forum may be able to help me help someone who queried me recently regarding a descendant of the Maes-Cordova couple in the subject line.

    I had this couple in my database with 7 known children:
    Maria Rafaela
    Felipe Nerio
    Andres Amadeo (Avelino)

    The query, however, was about another child, JOSE FERNANDO, for whom I didn't have a record. The info given me is that he was born about 1869 in Taos and died May 1913 in Raton. He marrie Juanita Tafoya in Taos on 24 Sep 1893.

    Sep 24, 1893. Fernando Maes from Ocate, Mora County, with Juanita Tafoya, from El Valle de San Juan. Married by John M. Whitlock, Presbyterian Minister, Witnesses; AA. Maes and Loura Maes. Registered in the Taos County Marriage Register, Pg, 155.

    Other info provided me is that the MAES-TAFOYA couple had 12 births but the person who contacted me only had names for five of them:
    Phoebe M.
    Cordelia Eliza

    PHOEBE MAES was born 6 Aug 1899 in Raton and died Dec 1995 in Denver
    She married Howard "Bud" English

    One of Phoebe's siblings was ENOS MAES, born 13 May 1901 in Starkville.

    Since at least one of Phoebe's siblings was born in Las Animas County, I'm wondering if someone on the Forum may be able to provide more information about her. Her daughter Edith Lagean English is the mother of Randy Clay, who is seeking the information.

    Any help that anyone can provide is greatly appreciated.

    NEW YEAR 2009 BLESSINGS to all the researchers on the Forum.

    Gloria Cordova
    Los Alamos, NM
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    Re: Jose Felix MAES and Maria Trinidad CORDOVA

    Hi, Gloria, this was my Great grandfather's family of siblings. He was Andres Avolino Maes, a Protestant minister or lay person who helped Lachoneus Frampton at weddings, etc. and eventually married Lachoneus' daughter Laura Frampton. I did not know that the family had moved from the Taos/Mora area. Andres' grandfather, Felipe Nerio Maes had been a friend of Padre Antonio Jose Martinez of Taos, as the Padre was helpful in keeping discrimination against protestants in check within Taos for a few years. However, I was too young to have met any of these great aunts, but did know my great grandmother Laura Frampton Maes. LD

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