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    Re: Patricio Gutierrez

    This is my grandfather Pat, I am the son of his late son Joseph Gutierrez. I'm looking for any information on his parents' family. His mother and father as noted were Eulalia Bustos and Lorenzo Gutierrez. I believe Eulalia born around 1878 was from the La Junta, Colorado area and Lorenzo born around 1880 was from Tercio, Colorado. I'm looking for anything for them, parent's names, siblings anything! I have tons of information from them down if anyone needs it. I have a picture with my great grandfather Lorenzo from 1981 when I was 2 before he passed at the nursing home in Trinidad CO.

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    Re: Patricio Gutierrez

    Joeylgutierrez moved your post from the Obituary Forum to the Genealogy Forum so that you may get results on your inquiry.

    Obituary of Patricio Gutierrez:

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    Re: Patricio Gutierrez

    In my photo of the families in front of the church in Tercio, Lorenzo Gutierrez is #13. He is standing in front of the left church window to the left of a man wearing a white shirt. This photo can be seen at Facebook- I Love Torres, Colorado page. In photo albums. I have nine Gutierrez surnames listed in that photo.

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