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Trinidad City Councilman Al Pando said on Saturday the petitions seeking his recall have been ruled invalid. Trinidad City Clerk Audra Garrett said Friday that she would mail out copies of her decision, but would not say what it was. Pando said Saturday that the letter stated that the petitions did not specifically seek a recall election and were therefore invalid. The Trinidad recall action committee has said previously that if the ruling went against the recall effort, they would appeal Garrett’s ruling to district court.

Nancy Anderson and Joyce Centofanti, two former professors at Adams State University have sued the university in U.S. District Court in Denver alleging gender and age discrimination by the university. The pair were assistant professors in the art department allege that school officials exhibited bias against female faculty and students. They alleged that art department chairperson Margaret Doell began demonstrating favoritism to male art professors after Anderson and Centofanti complained to Doell about male professor Dana Provence. In their lawsuits against the university, Anderson alleges that when she complained about Provence’s conduct, Doell criticized Anderson as being “from a generation of women’s libbers.” Anderson alleges that she was not promoted nor granted tenure in 2009 due to decisions by the same set of faculty members and administrators that allegedly discriminated against Centofanti. Centofanti says she ended her job in 2010 because of an intolerable working environment due to the chairperson’s alleged discrimination against Centofanti and Anderson, and Doell’s alleged favoritism toward male professors. ASU has denied the allegations in the lawsuit filed by Anderson in January. The university has not yet answered Centofanti’s lawsuit, which was filed earlier this month.

The Colorado Department of Transportation opened a detour to traffic on Friday around the bridge that partially fell last Wednesday on Colorado 12 just west of Weston. CDOT officials closed the road Wednesday after pieces from the side of the bridge fell into the Purgatoire River. Traffic will now be allowed to traverse the one-line, gravel detour in intervals between eastbound and westbound traffic. The detour will remain in place until the bridge reopens in October. The cause of the failure is not yet known. CDOT crews worked Thursday and Friday clearing debris from the site and constructing the detour. No one was injured when the slabs of concrete fell off the side of the bridge, which was constructed in 1925.

Opponents of the new groundwater management plan in the San Luis Valley are calling on the local water court to alter the state’s approval of the plan, and, in the meantime, to halt groundwater pumping that harms senior surface water rights. The opponents, who are made up of mostly surface water users in the southwestern and northwestern sides of the valley, have filed nearly a hundred pages of objections to the plan that would guide the operation of the valley’s subdistrict #1, which takes in about 3,300 irrigation wells in the north central part of the valley. State Water Engineer Dick Wolfe approved the subdistrict’s plan this month. The plan aims to reduce the use of groundwater through the fallowing of farm ground and also provide water to senior surface water users who have been injured by groundwater pumping. Opponents say that the plan fails to show the work that leads to its conclusions.

Michael Jim Medina, 41, a former Alamosa convenience store clerk who is currently serving a 48-year sentence for the death of this 2-year-old son, is now facing murder charges in the disappearance of his wife, Kimberly Greene. Medina is scheduled to appear in Arapahoe County District Court later this week. Greene disappeared in Aurora in 1996 and law enforcement later searched for her in the San Luis Valley without any result. Police have not said what changed in the case that led to Medina’s indictment. Medina, who fathered his son Degan by another woman, was arrested in 2005 by Rio Grande County Sheriff’s deputies while he was attempting to hide the boy’s body. Degan’s death was ruled a drowning and medina pleaded guilty to child abuse causing death.