Abraham Mason


Written by Frank Mason. One in a collection by Allen Bachoroski, Local Historical Writer and author of “Tales Along the Highway of Legends”


Abraham Mason the first son of George Mason was born in Walsenburg, Co. March 1,1897. Most of his schooling was in the Trinidad public schools, although he left school after his sophomore year and went to work in the Commercial Savings Bank. I believe he worked there for about a year, he then went to Idaho and went to work for the Boise lumbering company as a time keeper.

During this time World War I broke out, not being old enough for the U.S. Army he went to Canada and joined the army. He was assigned to the 72nd Seaforth Highlander Regiment, while in the front line he received a bullet in the hand while coming out of a shell crater caring an ammunition case for a machine gun. He stated if it had not been for the case he would have been wounded more seriously. While recovering at a hospital in England the war ended.

Abe returned to Idaho where he married Evelyn Jackson April 5, 1919, she was born in Pomeroy, WA., but at the time was working in a dry-goods store in Boise, ID.. After marrying, his father wanted him to return to Trinidad and help with the candy operation. He worked as a salesmen until 1941, when he became general manager. On Aug 22, 1942, Earl Mason resigned from the board of directors, and Abe Mason was elected as President and General Manager of the candy company. In 1959 the board decided to quit jobbing merchandise and increase the manufacturing part of the business, distributing their product in plastic bags. The area which was developed, covered parts of seven states. In 1960 The Mason Candy Company purchased the half of the building which belonged to the Colsen Fruit and Produce, to enlarge the manufacturing facility.

His community activities included 10 years as a board member of the Trinidad State Junior College, worked to save the Old Baca House and it’s creation into a museum, active in both historical and archeological societies. Abe retired in 1964 at which time Frank Mason became general manager. Sept. 11, 1970 Abe Mason passed away and his wife Ethel passed away March 1, 1981. Abe and Ethel had four children, James C., Jack A., Frank E., Thomas R.

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