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Written by JoAnn Fouret Reorda. One in a collection by Allen Bachoroski, Local Historical Writer and author of “Tales Along the Highway of Legends”


Just about the time that Colorado became a state in 1876, Albert J. Fouret and his wife, Louise decided that they would leave their native country of Belgium and journey across the Atlantic Ocean to the wonderful new country of America.

Upon arrival in this country, their first stop was Pennsylvania. There, the young man found a job in the coal fields but because of his restlessness and his sense of adventure, he and his wife and their first born traveled until they came to Colorado. They then continued on to a little coal mining town just southeast of Trinidad, called Engleville. After living and working in the coal mine at Engleville for two years, he again felt the need to leave. So young Fouret moved his wife and growing family just over the hill to another thriving coal mining town called Starkville, Colorado.

This time he knew that Starkville would be the place where he would settle permanently. He realized this because Starkville offered everything he could ever want for himself and his family: beauty as well as financial opportunity. In time he purchased a home that had shade trees and a lovely stream that came from nearby Fisher’s Peak and the surrounding mountains. (Little did he dream that this peaceful looking little stream would very many years later become a rampaging deluge and everything would be gone that he had so carefully nurtured in the passing years.) As time passed Albert Fouret decided to take advantage of the business opportunities that Starkville offered. He erected a large barn on his property. This was the beginning of his great business venture called the A.Fouret Livery Stable with a half dozen or so of good strong horses. He was known from Tercio to Trinidad as the man to call if you wanted anything delivered or needed a horse for rent. In time, he even owned a magnificent horse drawn carriage called a cab, which was used for only special occasions such as weddings or funerals. This special carriage is on display at the Pioneer Museum in Trinidad.

Albert and Louise Fouret had seven children. In chronological order, they were Josephine, Joseph, Albert Jr., Mary, Dorothy, and Alice and George (twins). Dorothy is the only one living and was 95 years old in November, 1989.

When the sons were old enough, they worked for their father. As the years went by and automobiles were becoming the popular mode of transportation, the Fouret’s followed the trend. In the following years they established the Yellow Cab and Red Ball Garage businesses in Trinidad. Besides operating the cabs, they also ran a bus to Raton twice a day for many years.

After World War II, The grandsons of Albert Fouret were also involved in the car business. Ten years ago the business was sold and the Fouret’s no longer own it. Albert Jules Fouret lived to be 83 years old.

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