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Written byJohn Anderson Duling. One in a collection by Allen Bachoroski, Local Historical Writer and author of “Tales Along the Highway of Legends”


Anderson Duling was usually called “Dock” and was born in Coshocton County, Ohio on March 19, 1841. He moved to Illinois with his father at the age of eleven and grew up on his father’s farm in Cass County. In 1862, during the Civil War, he enlisted in the 101st Illinois Regiment and was a member of the provost guard for General Grant when they took part in the seige of Vicksburg, Mississippi; the Battle of Missionary Ridge in Tennessee; and Sherman’s “March to the Sea”. Dock married Jane “Jenny” Owens, the daughter of a government agent for the Osage Indian Tribe in Oklahoma Territory. She had been orphaned at an early age. She and her sister had been placed by the court in private homes as indentured servants until they reached maturity. Jenny and Anderson were married in 1871 in Allen County, Kansas. During their married life they lived in Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois and Colorado.

The following children were born to this couple: Laura Ellinore Duling, Elijah Anderson Duling (who became sheriff of Las Animas County), Warren McKendree Duling, John Frederick Duling, Ray Huntley Duling, and DeVee Duling. They moved to Colorado in 1882 and settled on what is now known as the Bar N I Ranch or Cabot Ranch near Stonewall, about 35 miles west of Trinidad. Their home was located in a valley called “Valle Bonito”.

Anderson obtained the ranch from a pioneer from Illinois named Baxley. He had homesteaded the land, which was a part of the Maxwell Land Grant covering a portion of Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico. According to legend, the Maxwell land grant markers were deliberately moved by a trader named “Uncle Dick” Wooten in return for a sack of flour. In 1888 the settlers in the Stonewall area had a confrontation with the Maxwell Land Grant Company over boundary lines. Anderson Duling had an eye shot out of the horse that he was riding, and Captain Richard Russell was killed. Captain Russell was a pioneer and was the father of Marion Russell who married Anderson’s son Elijah. In later years Anderson built a hotel or inn near the stone wall called the Duling Lodge. A topo map of the area shows Duling Park, Duling Creek, and Duling Lakes.

Anderson died in July of 1915 and Jenny died in October of 1943. Both are buried in the Masonic Cemetery in Trinidad, Colorado.

Photo of Anderson Duling fishing in Duling Creek at Duling Lodge


Photo of Duling Lodge (People shown are unknown)


This photo dated 1930 shows Anderson Duling's wife Jenny Duling (standing) and Marian Russell (sitting) the wife of Richard Russell in the foreground.

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