Andre and Frances Susan


Written by Julia Alishio. One in a collection by Allen Bachoroski, Local Historical Writer and author of “Tales Along the Highway of Legends”


Andre Susan, born July 18, 1888 in Mihelice, Istria-Austria, came to the United States in 1905 at age sixteen and a half.  There were twelve children in the Susan family, ten boys and two girls.  Four of the boys came to the United States, Andre traveled all over Canada and the United States, taking odd jobs and finally coming to Colorado, where he worked in various coal mines.

While in Starkville, Colorado he met his wife-to-be, Frances Pauletich.  She was born in Rocko Polje, Istria, Yugoslavia on January 5, 1893, and came to the United States in 1921.  She first made her home with her sister in Illinois, later coming to Cedar Hill, Colorado to live with her brother, John Pauletich and his family.  She also came from a large family.  Andre and Frances were married June 9, 1923 in Trinidad.  There were five children, twin boys who died at birth, one son died at two and a half years of age  and there were two girls, Julia and Amalia remaining survivors.

Soon after their marriage, Andre decided to give up coal mining and moved to Trinidad and opened up a second hand store in the 300 block of West Main Street.  A fire in the building caused their move to 309 North Commercial Street, where they were for several years, later moving to 233 East Main Street.  This was occupied at one time by Paul Nelson Trading Post and the Greyhound Bus Depot, and much later by Century Savings and Loan, the present occupants.  The next move was to 210 North Commercial Street, the Old Sherman Building.  This was around 1935,and then in the early 1940’s, they moved to 305 North Commercial Street, where they ran their business until 1947, at which time Andre disposed of his business and operated the apartment house he had purchased from the Cesario family at 610 Pine Street in 1944.

They had two daughters, Julia (Susan) Alishio married Vincent H. Alishio of Sopris, Colorado on June 28, 1947.  They had four children, three boys and one girl.  The boys, Gary is a teacher in the Platteville Elementary School District of Weld County.  Darrell is manager of the Alishio Apartment house at 610 Pine Street and also does stained glass works.  Larry was killed in a head on crash of Burlington Rail Train April 13, 1984.  Gail was reservations clerk for American Air Lines, but passed away suddenly March 16, 1987 in Dallas, Texas.

Amalia, the youngest daughter married Homer Lee Doty of Hoehne, Colorado on September 18, 1954.  Homer retired from the Air Force in March, 1971, and they now reside in Las Vegas, Nevada.  They have two children, a son Marc, who works for General Dynamics in San Diego, California, and a daughter, Annette, who works for General Motors Acceptance Corporation in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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