Bert Bulson Sr.

Written by Rae Bulson. One in a collection by Allen Bachoroski, Local Historical Writer and author of “Tales Along the Highway of Legends”

Dad Bulson came to the Las Animas County by way of Aguilar. He was born June 1, 1887 in Garnett, Kansas. He was the oldest of 7 children and had a twin sister, Bertha.

On the 26th of August 1913, Bert Bulson Sr. was united in marriage to Lillian Bottomly. The newly wed Bulsons first settled in Alamosa, Colorado where Bert managed a J.C. Penny Store.

It wasn’t long before Bert decided to try a business on his own so they journeyed to Aguilar, where they opened a cleaning and tailoring business. The pride and joy of Dad Bulson was that he used two automobiles in his trade which encompassed all of the outlying mining camps in the area.

In 1917 a daughter, Lois was born to the Bulsons. The family continued to live in Aguilar with both Bert and Lillian working in the business. They were happy to have Grandmother Bottomely live with them to care for their little girl.

In 1923, the Bulson family moved to Trinidad and purchased the building at 235 North Commercial and opened what was to be known as the Trinidad Hardware & Furniture Co. This business grew and flourished.

On June 19, 1926 a son was born to Bert and Lillian and was named Bert Chester Bulson Jr.. Daughter Lois graduated from Trinidad High School as Salutatorian and entered Colorado University where she graduated with honors. Lois returned to Trinidad for a short time working in the business office of Trinidad State Junior College. She then entered the U.S. Navy and reached the rank of Lt. Commander.

At the end of WW2 she married Gerald Moorehouse and resided in Washington D.C. for several years then moved to California where her husband was an electronic scientist with Hughs Aircraft until his death in 1985. Lois continued to live in Palos Verde, California. They had two children, Fred and Judy.

Bert Jr. also went through the local school system graduating from Trinidad High School in 1944. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served in the Pacific.

Upon returning from their honeymoon Bert and Rae settled down in their first home, which was the first new apartment above the family business. Both worked in the store and both entered Trinidad State Junior College in 1946. They were the first married couple to enter the college. They graduated in 1948 and entered Denver University.

Before Rae could graduate she gave birth to a boy, Jim. Bert Jr. then graduated and entered the family business. They parented three children: Jim, Jan and Jaquie.

Dad Bulson lived to see five grandchildren and three Great Grandchildren. He loved living his last years with Bent and Rae, because the children were always in and out.

Bert Sr. was known as the great P.R. person of Trinidad. He loved his community and the people who lived in Trinidad. He knew everyone and everyone knew him. Up to the time of his death on January 7, 1978 he was doing all the things he loved to do. He departed this life in the gentle manner in which he lived it.

Trinidad is a better place because Bert Bulson Sr. lived.

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