Bill Cesario


By Angela Ann Cesario. One in a collection by Allen Bachoroski, Local Historical Writer and author of “Tales Along the Highway of Legends”


The surviving children of Joe and Tomasina Cesario were named: Mary, Jenny, Lucretia, Irma, Caroline, Louise, Frank, Anthony, Samuel, Benjamin, William (Bill) and Albert (Al).  Bill took up the baking trade. His first job was for Ferrin’s Bakery delivering bread on a bicycle. He also worked in a bakery in Starkville, one of the coal camps near Trinidad. He realized that to really learn his trade, he needed to work and study on the East Coast. This led him to Passaic, New Jersey, where his friend and brother-in-law, Joe Vallone, also a baker, was studying and working. (You can see the Vallone story elsewhere.) After his New Jersey stint, he returned to work in Kendall’s Bakery in Trinidad. In 1937 he opened the Jolly Boy Bakery in Walsenburg, which he operated until 1939. That same year, Bill opened a bakery in Colorado Springs which he operated for a very short time before returning to Trinidad where he opened Cesario’s Bakery at 122 East Main Street.

Bill operated the bakery alone until 1942. At Bill’s request, Al and Mary closed the Jolly Boy Bakery in Walsenburg and moved to Trinidad. The brothers operated the bakery as partners until 1945 when Bill and Ann moved with their children to Redwood City, California, to be close to other Cesario brothers and sisters who had moved there in the 1930s. Bill and his son, Joey, operated the San Mateo Bakery for many years. He also opened the first bakery in the then fledgling Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto. His brother, Al, joined him for a short time before opening his own shop in San Mateo.

Bill and Al married their good friend Joe Vallone’s sisters, Antonia (Ann) and Maria Carmela (Mary) Vallone. The two families were extremely close. Both sisters worked with their husbands, managing the retail shop, the sales girls and doing the bookkeeping while the men baked. Bill and Ann married in the early 1920’s. They had 4 children, Joseph (Joey), Maxine (Mac), William Jr. who died in infancy and William, Jr. the second (Billy). Joey followed in the family business and became a baker. He also served in the Navy from 1943 to 1946 in the South Pacific during World War II where he routinely experienced having the bread and cakes he was baking aboard ship fall flat during Japanese air attacks. Maxine married and had two children, Tom and Richard. She also operated a coffee shop in Southern California for a number of years. Billy became a dentist, a graduate of Creighton University, and father to eight children, all of whom grew up on the West Coast where they still reside.

Bill Cesario sons, Joey and Billy, are living. Billy, 70, still practices dentistry in Redding, California. Joey is retired and lives in Trinidad with his wife, Virginia Putaturo Meek Cesario. As of this writing, Joey is 82 and “Ginger” is 79. Joey and Ginger were high school sweethearts. WWII and the Bill Cesario family move to California set them on different paths where each married other people. In 1994, after both had been widowed for a number of years, they met again at an all school reunion of Holy Trinity School alumni in Trinidad. Joey decided to leave California and move to Colorado Springs. However, Ginger again captured his heart and the two married soon after, settling in Trinidad, their birthplace.

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