Catherine Kimball


Written by Esther DeAguero Welp. One in a collection by Allen Bachoroski, Local Historical Writer and author of “Tales Along the Highway of Legends”


My mother’s Birth Certificate and Baptismal Certificate show her name to be Katherine Kimball. Her birth date was the 27th of March 1917; however, the birth certificate was signed on the 28th of March by Dr. Espey, (it was a matter of the clock). Catherine was the first child of the second marriage of both John B. Kimball and Ester Long. At some time she changed the spelling of her name from K to C.

My grandfather, John B. Kimball was a music teacher in Trinidad and music was always present in the home. Because of the early influence of music in the home, my mother also became an accomplished pianist. Her first language was Spanish and her first musical instrument was a violin; however, her interest was the piano. My mother was a lover of literature and her favorite author was Ernest Hemingway, especially his novel, “For Whom The Bells Tolled”. She also developed her own style of painting and continued to do that over the years.

When my mother was in high school, she was an “A” student, but because of family circumstances my mom was not able to go to college. My brothers and myself always remember that we could ask her any question about English Grammar or Literature and she was able to help us. Mom was our encyclopedia if we were unable to go to the library.

When my grandfather passed away in 1933, my mother was 16 years old my grandmother was left with five other small children, John, Manuel, Carmen, Theresa, Charlotte. My mother wanted to quit school to help her support the other children. My grandmother would not hear of that and she took in laundry to support her family. But my mother used the musical talent that she inherited and was taught by her father to teach music to some of my grandfather’s students for a short time; that is how she met my father, Jose Anastacio (Nash) Deaguero. Mom was hired to teach music to his nieces, by my Aunt Sylvia and Oney Vigil who owned the Savoy Cafe. When my mother graduated from Holy Trinity High School in 1935, she went to work for the Welfare Department to help her mother and remained there until she married my father and I came along in 1938. While my father was still teaching in country schools he often asked her to play the piano for school performances.

In 1958 my mother worked as a Cost Accountant for the U.S. Department of the Interior, she received a Certificate of Superior Performance for her work for “sustained infallibly accurate.”

My mother had four children, myself being the eldest. Mom was a homemaker, a loving mother, and a loving grandmother. When my mother died, March 24, 1984 and was buried on the eve of her 67th birthday, my father said to me, we have lost our “master”.

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