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Written by Tom Cimino. One in a collection by Allen Bachoroski, Local Historical Writer and author of “Tales Along the Highway of Legends”


Domenico Cimino was born in the city of Cefalu, Province of Palermo Sicily, Italy on December 24, 1874. He immigrated to the United States at the age of 15 and arrived at Ellis Island in 1889. From there he went to New Orleans, Louisiana where he worked very long hours harvesting sugar cane for unimaginable low pay.

As soon as Domenico was able, he left New Orleans and headed to Colorado where he met some of his “Paissanos.” He arrived in Las Animas County in 1890. Realizing the importance of learning the English language, he attended public school with first and second graders. During his lifetime he was a merchant, a coal miner and a farmer.

Mary Carpita Cimino was born in New Orleans on November 7, 1886 and in 1889, she and her parents arrived in Sopris, Colorado where her father, Nick, was employed as a CF&I night watchman. Her mother, Francesca Carpita died in childbirth when Mary was 15 years of age. Raised as an only child by a widowed father, her visits with Domenico were closely chaperoned by her father.

In 1904, Domenico Cimino and Mary Carpita were united in marriage at our local Holy Trinity Catholic Church. From this union were born 12 children: six boys and six girls. Eleven of those children grew up to adulthood. The oldest child, Vincent was born in 1905 and the youngest in 1933. The children were: Vincent Cimino in 1905, Faye Cimino Antista in 1906, Frances Cimino Antista in 1908, Nick Cimino in 1911, Rose Cimino in 1913 (she died in infancy), Thomas Cimino in 1914, Frank Cimino in 1917, Rose Cimino Galasso in 1919, Carmel (Carl) Cimino in 1921, Sarah Cimino Ringo in 1923, Lena Cimino DeJoy in 1927 and Dominic Cimino in 1933.

Of the six boys, four served our country during World War II, while one son, Vincent was too old and one son, Dominic was too young for military service. Domenic later served the in the military and was stationed for a time in Alaska. Both Thomas and Carl saw extensive combat duty in the European Theater.

All 11 children were successful in their chosen field. All the daughters have enjoyed long and successful marriages and all six sons were associated at some point in the automobile industry. Since 1920 the Cimino Boys have been considered pioneers in the automotive field. They have been associated with Colorado dealerships in Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Trinidad and in New Mexico dealerships in Raton, Taos, Epsilon, and Santa Fe. So far in the next generation ten grandsons and one granddaughter have been active in the automobile business.

Dominic and Mary Carpet Cimino had many blessing! They enjoyed a long and happy marriage for 64 years. They both died at the age of 93, Dominic in 1968 and Mary in 1981. By the end of the year 2000 Dominic and Mary’s descendants numbered 213 including: 12 children, 43 grandchildren, 104 great grandchildren and 54 great, great grandchildren.

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