Flo Sanchez


Written by Louise Benavidez Sanchez. One in a collection by Allen Bachoroski, Local Historical Writer and author of “Tales Along the Highway of Legends”


Flo Sanchez was born to Albert and Louise Sanchez on October 22, 1934. She graduated in 1953 and went to Denver for work, but she came home soon afterward. She got married in 1955. Her children are: Chrysie Giron (February 13, 1956), Annette Giron (September 6, 1959), and Anthony Ray Giron (January 22, 1958). Her grandchildren are Mandy Jo, Holly Louise and Steven Anthony.

I remember when Florence was young and in the evenings we would play cards, mostly Canasta of Trumps. We laugh every time we think of the night we were playing Trumps and Albert bid real high. Florence was keeping score, and she said, “Dad, are you sure you want to bid that high?” And he said “Yes”, so she asked him again, and he repeated, “yes”. I said, “Let him bid that high if he wants to lose.” Well he made the bid and won. We laughed so much, that we almost split our sides. He was a real good sport, he never got angry if he lost.

He loved baseball. During the baseball season, he would watch all the games on television. Sometimes, we wanted to watch our “Soap Operas” , we would be watching our stories and he would come in from outside, and he’d say “Isn’t the ball game on?” We would say, “We don’t think so” he would get a little grin on his face and turn the channel to where the game wa on, but he’d turn it right back to our stories. We knew the games were on, but we thought he didn’t know. After our programs were over he would come in to watch the game. He was a real good baseball player. He wa always hoping a baseball scout would spot him so that he could go play with the Big Leagues. He always hoped that someday he could go back East so that he could see the Big League guys play.

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