Frank Mason


Written by Frank Mason. One in a collection by Allen Bachoroski, Local Historical Writer and author of “Tales Along the Highway of Legends”


Frank E. Mason born in Trinidad May 2, 1925 was the third son of Abe and Ethel. He went to school up to his junior year of high school, then went to Albuquerque High his senior year. In April 1943 he joined the Navy and was sent to San Diego, CA., for boot training. Upon completion of this training was sent to Alameda, CA., and placed in a Combat Aircraft Service Unit-13. Then shipped out to the South Pacific in Sept. 1943. Returning to the U.S. in April 1945 and was sent to advance engine school in Chicago, Il. It was here that he met his wife to be Marguerite R. Lessard, also in the Navy, whose home town was Sommersworth, NH.. They were married on Oct. 13, 1945, she was discharged in Dec. 1945 and joined her husband in Hima, LA. that month. Frank was discharged in April 1946 and they went to Trinidad, CO.

Frank worked at the candy company until Sept., when he started school at the Trinidad Jr. College majoring in mechanical engineering. Their first daughter Sharron was born Sept. of that year. In April 1947 Frank went back in the Navy and was stationed at Buckley Field near Aurora Co.. Their son Tom was born in Denver in Sept. 1947. Frank went back to inactive duty in April 1948 and then moved back to Trinidad. He again worked for the candy company and went back to school majoring in business administration graduating in 1951. He worked as a candy maker for a couple of years, then to salesmen and then to management.

He was very interested in the community. Started a Cub Pack and served as Cub Master of the Park St. School Pack. Served a number of years on the board of the Las Animas County Rehabilitation Center. Was elected for two terms to the City Council of Trinidad. Due to the sixfold increase in the price of the main ingredient sugar in 1974 and the recession of 1975 The Mason Candy CO. closed it’s doors, to end an era of manufacturing in Trinidad.

Their four children grown and gone, Frank and Marguerite moved to Broomfield then to Longmont, CO.. Frank retired after ten years with the Boulder School Dist. as a Heat Control Teck. and an adult education instructor in refrigeration at Vo Tech.

Marguerite passed away in Dec. 1987 while on a trip to Calif. to spend Christmas with their daughter Bonnie. Frank and Marguerite had four children: Sharron, Thomas, Bonnie and Renee. Renee is the last of the Masons to still live in Trinidad. She is married to Mike Valentine and they have three daughters: Kelly, Kristen, and Kerrie. As with all things as end to this Mason family in Trinidad nearing.

Although all the Mason’s through these years were stockholders in The Mason Candy Co. at the time, few were active on the day to day basis. The longevity depended on the community, twenty eight stockholders outside of this family who served on the board over the years. The hundred or so employees that committed there energies and loyalty, and the merchants is what made the company a success.

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