Gaspare Rino


Written by Rose Vecellio. One in a collection by Allen Bachoroski, Local Historical Writer and author of “Tales Along the Highway of Legends”


Gaspare Rino was born on March 10, 1891 in Aiello Calabria, Italy to Carmine and Rosina Grandinette Rino. He came to the United States at an early age to join his brother Louis. On August 9, 1919 he married mary Grace Gagliardi, daughter of Sanerio and Mary Grace Nigro Gagkiardi. Gaspare and Grace had seven children: Rose Vecellio, Anna Risley and John Rino of Trinidad; Joe Rino of Bloomfield, New Mexico; Frank Rino of Denver; Josephine Slanovich of Littleton; and Louis Rino of Westminster. Their four sons are in the teaching profession.

Gaspara Rino was in charge of the boilers at the Engle Mine in Engleville, Colorado where his family lived until the mine shut down and discontinued operations. He moved his family to East Ninth Street in Trinidad where John and family still reside. Gaspara went to work first at the Morley Coal Mines in Morley and later was transferred to the Fredrick Mine in Valdez. Both mines were owned by the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company. He worked for the company until his death on August 5, 1946. Grace Rino passed away on October 25, 1960.

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