Harry Franklin Hanson


Written by Raymond Hanson. One in a collection by Allen Bachoroski, Local Historical Writer and author of “Tales Along the Highway of Legends”


‘Tis a long way from Londonderry in Ireland to Trinidad, and a lengthy time span, too. From 1725 to 1939, 213 years, in fact. This is the tale of an English soldier who left the Redcoats in Ireland when assigned to aid in the execution of a fellow soldier, listened intently to his conscience and made the decision to leave Europe.

But not without consultation with his young lady friend, a member of the nobility in Ireland who agreed to his decision and at the same time agreed to become his wife without benefit of getting permission from her parents, members of the Irish Landed Gentry.

John Hanson I first landed with his bride in Baltimore, and shortly thereafter took off for the interior where they settled ON the Greenbrier which was a vast area and included the Greenbrier river valley. This was in the 1730’s. Between those years and the period about 1754 they migrated down the Valleys of Virginia, settling finally at Fincastle, Virginia in Botetourt county. There they farmed and became the parents of seven sons each of whom served during the Revolutionary War in the cause of freedom. They were William, James, Samuel, Joseph and John II, the youngest born in 1760. Two names are not known.

Young John Hanson II married on April 13, 1785 to Mary Magdalena Wall of Pulaski county, Virginia. He had earlier been in the service of a unit commanded by Gen. Anthony Wayne and had shared in the proceeds of the loot collected during their assault on White Plains, NY This record is in the Day Books of Capt. Robert Gamble, their commanding officer,and was authorized by Gen. Washington and the Congress of the United States. In 1779 John II was discharged at the age of 19 after serving three years. He returned home, married, and the couple migrated to Ashe county, NC where they homesteaded on 150 acres at the confluence of Buffalo Creek and the North Fork of New River in the extreme northwestern corner of North Carolina, near today’s Warrensville and Lansing. The children born in Ash County were Elizabeth, Mary, Conrad, John Wesley, Rebecca, Sarah and Polly.

By 1799 they were again on the move, this time over the ridge into Carter county. From Carter during the War of 1812, John II with his siblings, and his children and parents removed into Clay county, Tenn. From Irvine in Etill County, Kentucky, the entire family loaded onto flat boats and rafts and “floated down the Kentucky” to Indiana.

At Vincennes, Indiana they purchased land near Bloomington from the land office at the going rate of $1 per acre. The Hansons are found in Monroe county,Ind. holding in excess of 2000 acres in 1854. Old John died earlier, “somewhere in Kentucky” and probably in Clay county. In March, 1818 his son John II died and Mary Magdalena Wall Hanson, his widow, and her son Conrad removed to better farming land which they purchased with Conrad’s son James.

James was the first born of Conrad, born in Estill county, KY in 1816. His mother was Catherine Schultz Hanson of Tazewell, Tenn. James married in Tower Hill, IL to a cousin Mary May. They farmed there, becoming rather substantial citizens and raising a large family. In 1868 the mother Mary died and the first family of James Hanson dispersed. Virtually all his sons had been soldiers in the 115th Vol. Inf. Regiment of IL.—eight of them. James then remarried to Martha Bazelle, a widow, by whom he had a second family. Morgan Hanson, a son of the first family, recently discharged from the 115th, left Tower Hill and headed into the west as an adventurer, hunting buffalo with several of his former soldier buddies. Returning to Tower Hill, he met and later married Lenora Myers, born in Newport, IN.; They were married in Johnson county, Kansas Oct. 30, 1867. From this spot they moved throughout Missouri and Kansas, living in Mitchell county and later in Norton county on the Solomon river’s north fork. At this locale the town of Lenora was named for her by Sol Peak, as she was the first white woman living west of Kirwin, Kansas. Sol was the new postmaster.

From Kansas, she and her husband moved westward, through Trinidad in its very earliest days, and then on to Glorieta, NM In Glorieta two of her children, Harry F. Hanson and Carrie Edith Hanson were born in the 1880’s. Both were citizens in Trinidad in the years to follow and both headed up outstanding families in this area. Harry Franklin was the father of five sons who lived in Trinidad as youths and who left in the 1940’s Carrie Edith married Willard Merrill and became the mother of a son and five daughters. Their descendants are a part of the community today. The Hanson sons: Raymond retired as a Minn. high school Principal, lives in Bloomington, MN. Albert died in l97l in San Francisco and is buried in the local Masonic cemetery; Ralph is retired from his occcupation as a highway construction Superintendent in Loveland; Floyd is a retired air force veteran living in Chanute, Kansas and Jack (Leroi) resides in Chanute, Kansas with his family.

” Mother had her problems.” This consensus was written by a son, Earl Waren, just prior to his death. His mother’s problems were the early deaths of five of her ten young children within a time span of six years, followed by the death of her husband within the next year.

Mother, who was Josie Stanfield Waren, was born in Whitley County, KY in 1873, and came from a long lineage of Stanfields, or Stanfills, who originated in Wales. The first American John Stanfield was the son of Robert and Frances Stanfield. John was born in Virginia about 1732; he was 21 years old when first found on tax lists of Granville Co. NC John married Mary Sherrod. He died in Anson County, NC in 1784.

Sampson Stanfield, Sr., a son of John was born between 1763-1766, married Easter in 1875; then married Nancy Thomas after Easter’s death, removed to Knox Co. KY in the early 1800’s where he farmed 327 acres in 1837, the year of his death.

Sampson’s second son Sherrod was born Feb. 24, 1802 in NC Sherrod married Susannah Perkins Nov. 24, 1825 in Whitley Co. where he died Nov. 5, 1885. He, too, was a farmer. James Riley Stanfield (the name changes to Stanfill at this date) was born in 1826 and married Sophronia Adkins June 22, 1846 in Campbell Co. KY, first. Then, after her death, he married, secondly, Lottie J. Patterson. James Riley Stanfill was a Confederate soldier, serving as a Pvt. in Co. C., Regt.7, KY Vols. between 1861 and 1865. He is buried at Briar Creek, KY.

James’ son, Thomas James Stanfill was born Jan 27, 1847 in Whitley Co., married Aug. 29, 1867 to Juliana Freeman in Whitley Co. lived at Williamsburg, and removed from Whitley in the early 1800’s to come to Trinidad with all their belongings loaded into a two wheeled cart. There he and Juliana (Feb. 11, 1847 – Nov. 6, 1902) lived and Thomas Stanfill was employed as a railroad engineer on the Colorado and Southeastern railroad, working out of their hometown, Hastings. Thomas Stanfill died Oct. 16, 1916 in Trinidad. He and wife Juliania are buried in the Odd Fellows section of the Trinidad Masonic Cemetery under an unmarked two grave concrete cover in the Stanfill lot. The ten children of Thomas James Stanfill and wife Juliana Freeman Stanfill, all born in Whitley Co., were: James R. Stanfill II, born June 15, 1868; Sophia, born Oct. 14, 1869 who married Mr Bullock; Sophronia, born Jam. 29, 1871, married to Jesse Griffith; Josephine Stanfill (the mother mentioned above) born Aug. 19, 1873 and twice married, first on August 18, 1890 to William Thomas Waren, a former resident of Little Rock, AK and Oklahoma, he was born February 5, 1862, the son of confederate soldier Monroe Waren Jr. and Elvira Russell Waren by whom were fathered all ten of her children. After the death of William Thomas Waren in 1916, Josephine (Josie) Stanfill Warren remarried to William Dunlap of Hobbs, New Mexico; Flora Sanfill, born June 7, 1879 and who married Orville Lane; Jennie Stanfill, who was married to (l)____ Cook and (2) to Walter Armstrong William Henry Stanfill was born July 22, 1883 and married Nancy Tolly; and last Willis H. Stanfill. The Lanes, Cooks, Armstrong and Willis Stanfill all removed in the 1910 era to the west coast from Trinidad.

Josephine, who was the fourth child of Thomas James Stanfill, married William Thomas Waren on Aug. 17, 1890 in Trinidad. William T. Waren was employed as a railroad engineer on the Colorado and Southeastern Railroad as was his father in law. To this couple were born: Pearl Mae Waren; Juliania Waren on Mar. 9, 1893 in Hastings; Claude Waren who died as an infant in Hastings; Earl Waren on Aug. 13, 1897; Ruth Waren on Dec. 12, 1899; Roy Waren on June 27, 1902, died in 1912; Thomas Monroe Waren birth date was April 12, 1904 , died accidentally at age of 2 years; Wallace Waren who died at age one; Marshall Curry Waren born Sept. 23, 1908 and died May 16, 1909 and an infant daughter Rachael Waren born March 12, 1910 and died one month later in April 1910. A tragic ending for five of these ten children, all of whom are buried in unmarked graves in the Trinidad Masonic cemetery, is that one and a half months later, the husband William Thomas Waren also died in Trinidad.

Juliana Waren, who always insisted that the Warens were Welsh in extraction, was married in Trinidad to Harry Franklin Hanson, a Colorado and Southern Railroad conductor in 1916. They were the parents of five sons born in Trinidad all born in Trinidad. They were: Raymond Hanson, born May 23, 1917 and now a retired Minnesota senior high school principal; Albert Hanson, born March 17, 1919, deceased: Ralph Hanson, born July 1, 1923 and currently resident in Loveland, CO; Floyd Hanson, born Aug. 22, 1925 U.S. Air Force, retired and living in Chanute, Kansas; and Jack (Leroi) Hanson, born August 28, 1934 and who lives in Chanute, Kansas. The father, Harry Franklin Hanson died in 1934; his wife Julia Waren Hanson passed away in March of 1943. Both are buried in the Masonic cemetery in Trinidad.

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