Jo Ella Sanchez


Written by Louise Benavidez Sanchez. One in a collection by Allen Bachoroski, Local Historical Writer and author of “Tales Along the Highway of Legends”


Jo Ella Sanchez was born to Albert and Louise Sanchez on July 25, 1945. Jo Ella graduated in 1963 and married Danny Valdez in 1964. She had four children: Danny November 11, 1965, Kip December 8, 1967, Jerrie October 29, 1977, and Bobbie April 17, 1970.

The one incident I remember involving Jo Ella happened on our trip to Massachusetts. Albert finally got his wish to travel East in June 1962. We went on a three week vacation to Massachusetts to visit our daughter, Betty. It was quite an experience for us. Albert had just bought a brand new Ford and we drove it out there. There were five of us: Albert, Florence, JoElla, Vernon, and myself. It took us four days and three nights to make the trip. Albert and Florence drove most of the way, and JoElla was sixteen years old at the time and had just gotten her driver’s license. This became quite an experience for her to help with the driving.

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