Josephine Marie Salerno


Written by Teresa Arant Compton. One in a collection by Allen Bachoroski, Local Historical Writer and author of “Tales Along the Highway of Legends”


Josephine was the oldest child of Frank and Teresa Salerno. She married George Gerome in 1925. They had three children. Teresa their first child, married Clay Rager. Teresa lives in Santa Ana, California, and has been employed with The Bank of America for many years.

Joe, their second child, married Kathy. They had three children: Kathleen, George, and Melinda. Joe resided in Los Angeles, California until his death in 1970.

Josephine moved to Los Angeles in 1943, upon the death of her husband. George was killed in a mining accident in the Morley Mine, 1942. Josie was employed by Jansen Sportswear as a seamstress for many years, supporting her children.

After her marriage to Jack Bues, she continued to create exquisite clothing for a hobby. Josephine died in Whitter, California, 1974.

Josie will be well remembered for her great cooking, beautiful breads, and perhaps most of all, her refined sense of humor.

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