Marion Daniel and Mary Emmeline (Bunch) Williams


Written by Nadine Williams Britton. One in a collection by Allen Bachoroski, Local Historical Writer and author of “Tales Along the Highway of Legends”


Marion Daniel Williams was born on September 6, 1865, near Lowry City, Missouri (St. Clair Co.) to Daniel & Mary Elizabeth (Snowder) Williams.  Little is known of his father’s family background, except, they supposedly had plantations in Virginia. His mother’s paternal grandfather, Thomas Schnatter/Snawder, fought in the revolutionary War, as a German mercenary.  Her maternal grandfather, William Pohon, also fought in the Revolutionary War, after immigration from England.

Mary Elizabeth (Snowder) Williams died in childbirth at the age of 34, and is buried in Landaker Cemetery, St. Clair Co., Mo. along with five sons.  She left three living children to grow to adult life.  John Calvin, Alice Alillian, and Daniel Marion Williams.

Mary “Mollie” Emmeline (Bunch) Williams was born the 21st day of April 1968 to William Penn Bunch & Mary Elizabeth Duckworth, in Osceloa, Missouri.  Her pedigree is impressive with ancestors immigrating on the 1600’s others serving in the Revolutionary War, and many early Quaker immigrants.  Henry Bryan, her 2nd great grandfather was raised by his cousin, Rebecca Bryan Boone, the wife of Daniel Boone.  Her ancestry goes back to the first King of Ireland and the Royal lines of Europe.

Mollie’s parents died young of Tuberculosis, and as the custom was, the children were divided among relatives.  She was raised by her maternal uncle, Issac Climpson DUCKWORTH a prominent lawyer of Osceola, Mo.  She was educated and had a refined “upbringing”.

Marion Daniel WILLIAMS had a puppet show and was a ventriloquist with a travelling medicine show when he was young.  He also taught school prior to his marriage and for a total of nine years after he married Mollie on December 23, 1888, in Osceola, MO..  They moved to Trinidad, where Marion was already a resident.

The children of MARION DANIEL & MOLLIE were all born in Trinidad and received their education there.  1) Marion Emmiline WILLIAMS was born & buried in Trinidad.  2) Blanche Edythe WILLIAMS was born August 2, 1892.  She married John McIntosh, died July 2, 1959 & is buried in Trinidad.  3) Francis Marion Williams- “Frank” was born June 20, 1894 and married May 27, 1918 in Pueblo Colorado to Tempe Orbine Hawkes. He  died on August 19, 1988 & is buried Masonic Cemetery of Trinidad.
4) Lola WILLIAMS was born September 8, 1896 and married John Edwin Jones on April 14, 1914 and died April 7, 1962.  She is buried in Yoncalla, Oregon.  5) Eva Mae Williams was born December 9, 1898 and married 1st Carl Smith & 2nd Oscar Albertson.  She died October 29, 1949 and is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery Los Angeles, California.  6) Clarence Richard Williams was born March 22, 1906.  He married Sylvia Mae DALE in Raton, Mew Mexico on August 22, 1922.  He died January 21, 1973 and is buried at Fort Logan Cemetery in Denver, Colorado.  7) Cole WILLIAMS was born March 22, 1906 and married 1st Otho Stienbaugh & 2nd Marie (Hayes) Pollack.  He died February 3, 1990 in Napa, California and is buried in Fort Logan Cemetery Denver, Colorado.  8) Hazel Beatrice WILLIAMS was born March 7, 1909/10 and married 1st Archie McCoy and 2nd Edgar Adams.  Died February 7, 1974 in Artesia, California.

Marion Williams was employed for many years by the Santa Fe Railroad and after retiring from that service was engaged in ranching for years in El Moro.  In 1910 he was the night foreman at the railroad round house and his son, Frank, who was 15 at the time.

“The Ranch” (as the family called the home place of many years) held a strong fascination and loyalty, and many memories are etched in lives of children and grandchildren.  Here, the old ranch house burned and arrowheads were found by the “jar full” and there were pet donkeys and pet monkeys and horses and all could ride horses well.  This property is probably the original Homestead Entry that was patented to Miron Daniel Williams on December 20, 1918.

Mary Emmiline Williams died at age 61, on August 26, 1930, but Marion loved till January 26, 1947, both dying after and extended illness.  He had been a pioneer resident of the Trinidad area for 50 years.  Both are buried at the Masonic Cemetery in Trinidad.

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