Mary Cholakos-Adams

Written by Allen Bachoroski. One in a collection by Allen Bachoroski, Local Historical Writer and author of “Tales Along the Highway of Legends”

Mary was the first daughter born to George and Minnie Genis. She and her brothers, Bobby and John were born in Vancouver, Canada. The family moved to Segundo, Colorado around 1921 where they owned a grocery and barber store. Segundo was south of the river from the present town of Segundo. It was in Segundo that another child was born. They named her Olqa and she lives in Trinidad with her husband Joe Reorda and boys Joseph and Danny.

Mary remembers her father giving piano lessons on a piano with five peddles. One peddle gave the sound of a violin. When she first arrived at Segundo she attended third grade at the two room Jerome Elementary School. Her teacher in the seventh grade was Mrs. Culley who taught at Segundo for 43 years. In the eighth grade Mary attended the original Primero Jr.? Sr. High School. The school was up Smith canyon and transported students by train. She was one of 120 students who got to school by means of this unusual method. She said that one year the snow was so bad that when she got off the train to walk home that one snow drift covered her. Mary was a Sophomore in 1929 when the grocery store burned and the family moved to Aguilar, Colorado where she graduated.

After graduation, she attended the two year teacher training college in Alamosa, CO. Her first teaching job was in Kim, CO, but after a year she got a job in her own town of Aguilar. She taught fourth grade at Aguilar for four years. One day she ate at a restaurant in Walsenburg, CO. It was owned by a Greek gentleman named Gus Cholakos. The two eventually got married in 1938 and moved to Walsenburg to live in an apartment. They attended the Greek Orthodox Church at Pueblo.

Their first daughter was born in the apartment and was named Georgia. Georgia resides in Trinidad with her husband John Rino and two sons Louis and Dino. Gus and Mary soon bought their own building which was a grocery store with rental houses in the back and a large house for the family. Their second daughter Vicki was born in this house. She now resides at Trinidad with her husband Allen Bachoroski and children Amv and Chris. Georgia and Vicki remember seeing a bandit with a gun in the grocery store. The next time the store was robbed their father chased the bandit down the street. When Georgia got rheumatic fever she had to stay home. That is when they got one of the first television sets in town. A third daughter, Elaine was born at the Walsenburg Hospital, before Mary moved her family to Trinidad. Elaine lives in Trinidad with her husband Stan, son Sonny and daughter Kristin. Gus A. Cholakos was born in 1894 and died in 1960.

Mary became a member of Trinity Episcopal Church in Trinidad and helped them celebrate their centennial celebration in 1988. She also became a well known substitute teacher for the Trinidad area school and a member of the Order of Easter Star She served as Worthy Matron in 1980-81. She then served on the Rainbow Advisory Board and on the Past Matron’s Club. She married Milton Adams who was a security guard for the public schools. Mary passed away on January 6 1989.

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