Nicholas Burrescia

Written by RoseMary Burrescia. One in a collection by Allen Bachoroski, Local Historical Writer and author of “Tales Along the Highway of Legends”

Nicholas Burrescia was born in Palazzo, Adrano Sicily on December 13, 1891. He died in Westminster, Colorado on January 19, 1972. He was married to Josephine Pecoraro. on September 19, 1910.

As a young boy, he came to America with his father. They lived in Independence, Louisiana and several years later, his mother, sister and brother joined them in Louisiana.

From Louisiana, they moved West to Colorado where they homesteaded in Hastings, Colorado. Here they purchased 160 acres of grazing land for $20.00 and operated a goat ranch.

As the herd of goats increased, more land was needed. They sold the ranch in Hastings and homesteaded near Trinchera. Here the land was divided with the family. Nicholas’ share of the land was bordering the New Mexico state line.

His family resided in Trinidad during the winter, so the children could attend the school in the city. The residence was located on Carbon Avenue. Here an oil rig and derrick were erected in the front yard. Shares were sold, but oil was never discovered. During the depression he took out a mortgage on the ranch, as the stock had to be fed. He finally declared bankruptcy.

A local doctor, James Donnelly, opened a cheese factory and hired Nicholas as the manager and chief cheese-maker. During the flood of 1942, the Purgatorie River ran over it’s banks and destroyed most of the cheese factory.

In the late 1950’s he and his wife moved to Westminster, Colorado to be near their children. Their children include: Lucy Dunbar, Joe Burrescia, Jim Burrescia, Mary Gies, Josephine Sciacca, Ann Vecchiarelli, and Eleanor DePalma. Two young daughters, Jean and Helen died at an early age. As of 1989 he had 16 grand children and 19 great-grand children.

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