Ray Lee


Written by Barbara Lee. One in a collection by Allen Bachoroski, Local Historical Writer and author of “Tales Along the Highway of Legends”



Lee’s Bar-B-Q, Inc. has been in operation since, May 1938, when Ray lee hitched to Pueblo and borrowed $500.00 from a family friend, Yousich (now deceased) to open the first Drive-Inn Restaurant in Trinidad, at the corner of San Pedro and Kansas. He leased the property and converted the castle shaped service station into a Drive-Inn Restaurant.

Ray and his sister, Helen Weeded ran it first until Ray joined the Air Force in 1942. While Ray served in the service his family including his mother, Mary, kept the business going. Ray was discharged in 1946, and he and his brother, Bob, went into business together.

This was mainly a car-hop service as there were only six stools at the counter. Today there are ten stools and twelve booths due to several remodeling jobs done through the years, and a carport was added for all weather service.

Ray expired in 1981 and Bob retired, but the Bar-B-Q still is in operation. A dream realized for Ray as he hoped his children would some day continue on with the business.

Robby, Ray’s son, continued after Bob retired and Earl Hurley, a new partner, joined the business. Robby and he worked well together till 1985, when Earl left for another job.

The Bar-B-Q has always served Bracco pure beef and the best quality products, even real potatoes. Robby’s sister, Barbara, is now his partner and they are doing a great job. They try, as in the past, to give their customers the best service possible. Down through the years, they have had some great employees, not to mention some great customers.

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