Vernon Sanchez


Written by Louise Benavidez Sanchez. One in a collection by Allen Bachoroski, Local Historical Writer and author of “Tales Along the Highway of Legends”


Vernon was born to Albert and Louise Sanchez on June 12, 1953. He graduated in 1971 and married Lynda Gutierrez. Their children are: Tammy (August 1, 1972), Vern (June 2, 1976), and the twins Wesley and Albert (March 21, 1978).

I also remember Vernon on our trip to Massachusetts. Vernon was only eight years old. It rained all the way from Kim, Colorado to New York. It was so beautiful all the way because everything was green and clean looking. While on the trip the kids took us to Rhode Island to the beach. Vernon and our three grandchildren had a great time getting little starfish, they even got a little seahorse. I think that trip was the most wonderful time of Albert’s life. He used to love to play pool, so sometimes at night, I would go and sit in the car and watch the people go by while he played pool. In those days, women weren’t supposed to go into pool halls. My memories of our kids with their dad are beautiful, and I hope we can always remember the good times

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