William W. Jones


Written by Carrie Lee Horn. One in a collection by Allen Bachoroski, Local Historical Writer and author of “Tales Along the Highway of Legends”


William W. Jones was born in Wales in 1842 and came to the Trinidad area in 1883 from Ebensburg, Pennsylvania. He was brought here by the Victor American Fuel Company to be Superintendent of the coke ovens throughout Las Animas County, an operation of the coke ovens was essential to the industrial life of the community.

Mr. Jones sent for his family to live with him, as soon as he could care for them, in a house on the summit of a hill in the district called the Coke Ovens, a “suburb of El Moro”. El Moro, at that time, was a place of considerable importance, some thought the locality which would surpass Trinidad as the principal city in the county.

Mr. Jones or “Sandy” as he was called by his associates and employees, met his wife, a resourceful Welsh woman, and six children in Kansas City and drove them in a horse drawn wagon to their new home. the older daughter, Mrs. Thomas Lewis already lived in Trinidad and another daughter was born later.

Mr. Jones brought from Pennsylvania an unusual supply of books of literary value. With these, he guided the education of his young family. The younger children attended school at the Coke Ovens in a typical “little red school house” which was torn down about the middle of the twentieth century. The teacher was said to be more interested in smoking his pipe then educating the young children. Therefore, the older children, especially one daughter of superior intellectual promise, were sent to school in El Moro.

The Jones family’s next move was to Hastings, Colorado, a mining community in Las Animas County. There the older children found mates and married. One of the girls, Charlotte, married Lee Reddick Horn, a young accountant who was at that time station master in Berwind, a mining camp close to Hastings. Another daughter, Margret, married James H. Wilson. The Jones family later moved to Trinidad.

Lee Horn and Jim Wilson, also moved their families to Trinidad. The men became involved in business. William W. Jones and Lee R. Horn were both prominent Masonic leaders and James H. Wilson was a popular entertainer. A daughter of Lee and Charlotte Horn was Carrie Lee Horn. She remains a Trinidad resident where she has taught English at the Trinidad High School. She also organized the “Rainbow for Girls” of Trinidad.

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