Wilma, Ruth and Irene Williams


Written by R. Merrill and Willard F. Williams. One in a collection by Allen Bachoroski, Local Historical Writer and author of “Tales Along the Highway of Legends”


The story begins with Wilma as the oldest child. She soon acquired her mother’s loving ways and greatly assisted her parents in attending to her younger sisters and brothers. While still young she developed a beautiful handwriting and in 1928 was awarded a certificate “Degree of Excellence Certificate” from Palmer Method in Chicago. She began corresponding regularly with many friends and relatives and today continues to correspond regularly with many of these dear people. Wilma married Harold Dalrymple and they soon settled in Trinidad, Colorado where they lived from 1936 until 1973. Harold worked for the Colorado and Southern Railroad, the Burlington System, for over 37 and a half years. They raised two daughters- Helen Marie and Carol. Wilma was a model wife and mother. She still continues her strong faith in the Lord. They moved to California at Harold’s retirement. Helen passed away in 1977 and Harold in 1979. They were married forty six years. Wilma moved to Fountain Valley, California near her daughter, Carol.

The Branson, Colorado “Old Timers Reunion” is held each year in June at the Branson School. Wilma Dalrymple was the leader in organizing the reunion and sending out invitations. She was selected the first presidents in recognition of her efforts.

Leona Ruth as a girl at home early learned to be brave in times of injuries or distress. This was a great help to her parents, especially her mother, who dreaded the times of injuries-mashed fingers, cuts,or bruises. Many were the times she attended the needs of family and friends as a young girl and still does to this present time. She married Ralph Linscott; they had one son, Jonnie. Ralph passed away in later years. Leona Ruth, now known only as Ruth, moved to Long Beach, California in december, 1941. She married Hugh L. Ferguson, a first class boiler technician in the United States Navy in 1944. They are now retired and live in their beautiful home on a hillside within a few minutes from the ocean. They enjoy travelling and hosting family and friends. Ruth has many hobbies: a beautiful home and yard, scrap books of great interest, her beautiful oil paintings, and skill developed in caring for others. Friends needing help or assistance in repair of items, Ruth is always willing and completes the job well. She is a firm follower of the Lord and is steadfast and unwavering in her faith.

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