Business Opportunities in Trinidad Colorado

When we take a good look around Trinidad Colorado there are many opportunities it seems. In downtown there are many beautiful old historic buildings that could be purchased and updated right on Main Street and Commerical Street and other near by streets. Seems that there is a lot of opportunity for just the right business for a small town.

Hibbett Sports, a sports clothing store that targets small towns just moved into Trinidad and from what I understand they have been doing really good business. In the same shopping center near Exit 15 there is a Sears Hometown Store for Sale that you might want to also check out.

I have to tell you that we feel that the most needed new businesses for Trinidad would be some good quality restaurants either local or national chains. Don’t get me wrong we have some good restaurants but there is certainly the need for more choices. Anyone interested in opening a restaurant in Trinidad? Come check out the town and see what you think. There is a lot of opportunity in Trinidad Colorado for the right business!

What kind of business do you think we need in Trinidad? Let us know.