Want a More Energy Efficient Home?

Maybe you have been thinking about ways to make your existing home more energy efficient or even building a new home that takes advantage of new technology. It really helps to be able to consult with someone that is knowledgeable in these areas so we want to introduce you to Fred Minter with Mountain Home Consulting.

Fred has practical personal experience and knowledge that comes from years of research and from the construction of his own home that is totally off-grid using nothing but Solar and Wind and passive energy saving techniques. Fred’s home is just west of Aguilar and is local to the Southern Colorado area for consulting but can also use your home plans to provide you a site analysis.

So whether you are just considering your alternative energy options or are ready to make a move to a more sustainable energy lifestyle be sure to check out his web page at MountainHomeConsulting.com or call Fred at 719-859-1992 for more information.  You will be glad you did!

Way to go Fred, we wish you the very best in success with your new Business!