Community Supported Agriculture

Earth Mountain Education Farm
CSA(Community Supported Agriculture) Friends of the Farm Meeting
Sat. July 12th 12:00pm
Earth Mountain Education Farm

This meeting is for anyone who is interested in being a potential CSA member.
What is that? When you become a member of the farm you are provided a weekly mixed bag of fresh organic produce straight from the farm at prices that compare to Safeway’s non-organic price for produce.

Why become a member?
Buy local and don’t contribute to the inefficient system of transporting our food from far away.

Support your local farmer and sustainable farming practices rather than the global industrial food system and monocropping.
Become a part of your own food production and get involved in the farm, feel a connection to the land where your food is grown and the farmers growing it.
Provide input on what you would like to see grown.
Community Supported Agriculture is a movement in local food security. Together we can support each other in good ways. Come to the farm and see Earth Mountain’s 1st year CSA farm. We need your input and feedback.

See you soon!

Joni and Carter
***Call for Directions 719-680-0215


Email: [email protected]

There will be another meeting during the week for folks who cannot make it this Sat.