Ghost Story Inspired by a trip to Trinidad Colorado

Patricia Ann Reid published her first novel called Sean’s Secret Room: Ghostly Guide to an Old West Town. This captivating story was inspired by a stay in Trinidad, Colorado where Pat experienced a ghost-like presence. Pat shared all about her adventures in Trinidad, as well as the history of the town and how it inspired her novel.

About the Book

Sean?s Secret Room Ghostly Guide to an Old West Town Sean, an eleven-year-old boy, discovers a secret room in a 100-year-old house in Trinidad, Colorado. He meets a ghost named Nicholas there, who proposes to take Sean back in time to the year 1907 in Trinidad. return, Sean agrees help to find a lost teddy bear. Nicholas? and Sean’s adventures take them in a carriage through a flood to a picnic, where Sean learns about playing mumblety peg. At Nicholas? school, exciting dime novels win out over McGuffey’s Reader. Playing hooky from school with mischievous Nicholas, the boys visit a soda fountain and nickelodeon in town. A ride on a trolley to see President Theodore Roosevelt speak to unhappy coal miners has a surprising outcome. And the lost teddy bear? Read and find out!

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