Life in the Colorado Mountains – Getting Firewise

Adobe Gold Properties just posted a great article on their blog by Joyce Wolff about their experience and education on getting firewise living in the Colorado Mountains. We think that you will find this article very informative and helpful.

Confessions of a Treehugger – or – How We Got Firewise

by Joyce Wolff 

           Fire season with its dread and anxiety will be here in a couple of months – perhaps sooner.  Each year I feel more confident that my little cabin will be spared by wildfire for I have changed my erring ways.

            Seventeen years ago when we bought land south of Trinidad in the ponderosa/pinon/juniper forest- we were city slickers.  Well, small-town slickers at least, since our hometown, Los Alamos, in northern New Mexico isn’t even twice the population of Trinidad.  But there we took for granted, telephone service, paved streets, fire protection, mail delivery to our home, electricity, and water, none of which we had here. 

            We would live the dream that haunts and draws folks like us to places like this.…….read more>