Lights on New Interstate 25 Bridge Causing Problems

We noticed it. Didn’t understand it….after all it’s the latest and greatest new bridge on I-25 in Trinidad Colorado so you would expect that a lot of knowledge and research went into designing this new bridge. But these lights are blinding especially when checking your blind spots they are so bright that you can’t tell if it’s the bridge lights or a car next to you. Seems like a serious and dangerous flaw in the design of this new long awaited bridge that was just completed in 2011.

Listen to this…

I drive truck, and LOVE your town! Coming from New Mexico, it has always been the best “welcome home to Colorado” sight! But please, PLEASE do something about those darn bright lights on the great new bridge you have built! The oncoming traffic’s side blinds me, then my side blinds me in my side mirrors! I’m sure you’ve noticed, and maybe others have complained. I love the bridge… it’s such a great great improvement, and I appreciate the time and money that must have gone into it. I would willingly drive through more construction if they were fixed! But that’s just my opinion, thanks for reading! And thank you for all the hard work you did on the bridge! One of these days I’ll be in my personal vehicle and get to experience what I can only admire from the interstate in my tractor-trailer!


Have you have trouble with the lights on the new I-25 bridge in Trinidad also? Share your experiences….and thoughts.