July 2007 Photos Downtown Trinidad

Here are some photos taken in Downtown Trinidad July 25th, 2007

Work continues on Interstate 25 as it goes through downtown Trinidad. Exits have been
redesigned and changed and the overpass is being replaced. This is where the old Pizza
Hut building was just recently removed.

Taken from our new downtown Park and River Walk. In the background you can see
Fisher’s Peak. Such wonderful additions to Trinidad.

The new River Walk near the new Park. The Purgatorie River is just to the right in this photo.

Another view of the Schneider Brewery that will become a new pedestrian mall soon with
the park in the near fore ground.

The water spray that the kids love to play in…..at the new park.

The new slide, gosh we sure are fortunate aren’t we! Its the big little things that is making
Trinidad a wonderful place to live.

Another wonderful addition to town is the new International Bank Building that wonderfully
blends into the local architecture. Thanks guys for doing such a beautiful job with your building!

The restrooms at the Park and in the back ground you see Simpson’s Rest and the
building with the red roof is the old Water Works Building.

Another view of the Park and its new beautiful trees.


Hope you enjoyed these photos and we will have more coming soon of downtown Trinidad.