Memories of an Old Homestead

Old_Log_CabinAs I travel around some of the old back roads north of Trinidad Colorado and west of Aguilar I often wonder what life would have been like here a few lifetimes ago. I imagine the peace and quiet and the wonder of this beautiful country. I imagine the abundance of elk and deer and even some buffalo west of the present day I-25 interstate. I also imagine how difficult life would have been being so far from a modern day grocery store and even a hardware store or Walmart… we know things today. Even today these old homestead locations seem a bit far from conveniences that we have grown to love and expect so what would it have been like in those days.

Click on this photo to see a larger image and see if you can imagine how life would have been like here in Las Animas County a hundred and fifty years ago. Maybe you have some memories or thoughts that you can share about life in Las Animas County many years ago.

Hope you enjoy the photo, it was taken off of County Road 42 North of Weston and west of Aguilar Colorado.

Photo was taken by Charlie and Barbara with Adobe Gold Properties.

We picked our company name for a few reasons. We wanted a name that would get us up higher in any advertising alphabetical listings and we also realized that many people came to this area, just like we did, looking for a better life and lifestyle. And those people found in this area that there weren’t many minerals like gold to find here but what they did find was awesome weather and an absolutely beautiful area and they carved their lives out of the dirt here and many of their original homesteads were made out of adobe. So their fortunes were in their Adobe Gold……and they were honest hard working families….just like us. And our specialty is helping others find their dreams here in Southern Colorado. Check out our website to find out more about our SouthernColorado Land and Real Estate for Sale.