Facing Reality about Coalbed Methane

While we all consume oil and gas, it’s extraction is sidelined by conflicts worldwide. It doesn’t even matter if you take a look at an older or a brand new story coming out of Peru

Recent protests and strong opposition are also on the rise in Canada and the US, where a new coalbed methane project is in the pipeline..

Time to think, educate, innovate and act for more sustainable longtime solutions?

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Facing Reality is a great short post that I admired quickly.

We do all consume oil and gas and we are facing protests and strong opposition the world over because of methods used in extracting the Oil and Methane.

Just a few short years ago, about 20-25 years, the current method of extracting Coalbed Methane was just being explored. I am sure it was such an exciting innovation in the industry. I am  also sure that those same brilliant minds that created this process combined with today’s technology could "Think, Educate, Innovate and Act for a more Sustainable Longtime Solution".

We have to stand up insist that this industry not deplete and polute our ground water and scar our earth to the point of no return while the Coalbed Methane is being extracted for our beneficial use. One "good" does not cancel a huge "negative". There has to be a win/win not a win/lose.

The ultimate is that I feel is that we as a nation are on the edge of new technology and a new way to doing things. Oil and Gas prices have soared to the point where it will force us out of our comfort zone to look for other and better alternatives. I think that this is what it takes for us to make a change, isn’t it?

In the mean time I pray that we don’t pass the point of no return before we wake up.

Right now water wells are going dry not only in Las Animas County but also everywhere that Coalbed Methane is being extracted especially in the West. Some people are more sensitive, like in many places in Canada that are standing up and saying NO to the effects of the industry. In Las Animas County there is no loud voice crying "Stop, don’t distroy our water", only a few small crys are being barely heard.

What happens is that when our personal water wells go dry we are forced with the burden of proof that the Gas Companies caused our well to go dry. Doesn’t make sense does it? The industry is pumping out millions of gallons of water each day from our ground from approximately 500 feet all the way down to 2500 feet with many wells going dry within days of a gas well being drilled and they stand up with conviction and say "We didn’t do it. You will have to prove we caused it?

Well no one else is taking and wasting so much water so fast……but the industry says they aren’t doing anything to affect our ground water. Where has the common sense gone?

The Coalbed Methane producers could take the initiative and "think, educate, innovate and act for a more sustainable longtime solution" themselves in our concerns for what is happening to our water.

Let’s face it, anyone that can create such an innovative process for extracting the coalbed methane has to also know the damage they are doing to our local enviroment in the process.

Why is everyone overlooking what is happening to our precious ground water in this whole process. I am speaking of all of the people who are charged with protecting us like the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission and Las Animas County.

The enormous amounts of money has made so many so blind so fast.

Surely the coalbed methane producers and their geologists that created this process can also come up with a solution that will allow them to extract the coalbed methane and not ruin our water supplies in the process.

Its just the missing step of the process. You have figured out how to extract the gas now you just have to solve the problem of "how to save our water" too.

It would be so brave for the industry that claims to be our good neighbor to step up with a conscious and take this issue to task right away.

The question is "can the coalbed methane industry think, educate, innovate and act for a more sustainable longtime solution" before its too late? and how long will it take us locally to find our voice to say "Stop, this is not right" ?