Recycling in Trinidad

DSCN2176_762Here is the latest Recycling information

Heads up, recyclers!
As of January 2014, you will be able to recycle much more often than once every other month–at a new collection facility in Trinidad. From the feedback we’ve received from you, we believe you will welcome that opportunity in exchange for separating your recyclables. Soon you will receive all the details, including the different categories for separation.
So take note. This November event is the last single-stream recycling. It is also your last opportunity to recycle PVC pipe and microwave-meal containers. All other accepted recyclables will be the same in 2014.
Details of the good news to follow and
THANK YOU, WASTE CONNECTIONS! We know you are at capacity with collections every other month. We couldn’t have gotten his far without you!
–Cheers, ReGroup


November 2013 Recycling Event

Sponsored by the City of Trinidad

Friday, Nov. 15, 8 a.m.–6 p.m. & Saturday, Nov. 16, 8 a.m.–noon Waste Connections, 2600 Freedom Road

Please especially note the following:
• Containers with food and liquid residues create a mess & stench! Please bring your containers clean and dry. • No plastic bags; they are the worst contaminant in the bin. If you bring your recyclables in plastic bags, empty the contents and reuse the bags.
• Remove all lids from containers. No plastic bottle caps allowed in the bins
(they melt at a dif’t temperature and contaminate the process); no lids from plastic tubs unless they have a recycle number stamped on them; metal jar lids are accepted. • Only cardboard and paperboard boxes should be flattened.

Items Accepted

With single-stream recycling, all items are collected in the same bin and thus can be stored in your home without separating. No need to remove container labels, paper clips, stamps, address labels, staples, tape, wire, metal fasteners, rubber bands, spiral bindings, plastic tabs.

White or pastel office paper, file folders, egg cartons (no Styrofoam), paperboard boxes such as for cereal and crackers (flatten), paper bags, milk/juice cartons (no foil pouches), paperback books, phonebooks, magazines and catalogs, brochures, blueprints, newspapers and inserts (no bags), junk mail and greeting cards, corrugated cardboard and cardboard boxes (flatten).

#1-7 plastic bottles and jars (no caps) and tubs. No microwave trays. No compostable cups; these are usually made from corn but look like plastic.
Bottles and jars, all colors.

Clean, balled aluminum foil (2” or larger) and pie pans, aluminum cans.
*******NOTE: You can also recycle aluminum cans at Noah’s Ark, any day of the week, to benefit its operations*******
Steel/tin cans Empty aerosol cans (no caps) Loose metal lids and steel bottle caps
NO plastics not listed; no plastic bags, bottle and jar caps, microwave trays, 6-pack holders, needles or syringes.
NO shredded paper, paper ream wrappers, tissues, paper towels, napkins, NO stickers or sheets of address labels, waxed paper or waxed cardboard, hardback books, orange or brown envelopes, frozen food containers, paper to-go containers.
NO mirrors, light bulbs, plates or vases, drinking glasses, window glass. NO hazardous or biohazardous waste.
NO Styrofoam.
NO ceramics or Pyrex.

Questions? Call ReGroup at 719-845-8218