The Carnegie Public Library in Trinidad Colorado needs your help!

We aren’t asking for money; we need something even more precious: YOUR TIME

The Carnegie Public Library’s Public Computer Center is scheduled to open on September 10, 2011. It will be located in the heart of our beautiful downtown, right on Main Street, as part of BTOP. The Broadband Technology Opportunity Program grant, available to public libraries and Tribal centers, the grant prioritized ADA compliance, low income and diverse populations. A combined total of $3.3 million, including generous donations from the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation, funded computers, training, partnerships and a public awareness campaign to develop or augment Public Computer Centers.

The Carnegie Library’s Public Computer Center will feature an ADA compliant workstation, twenty laptop stations, a color printer/copier, and immediate hands-on help in addition to scheduled classes. Las Animas area residents in need of computer training to assist with education, work force, health, and other similar needs will find help at no cost at our public computing center.

The Trinidad Carnegie Public Library received nearly $30,000, with a portion contributed by our local Library Foundation, for hardware, software, security, and the many other costs associated with opening a place where our patrons can learn to use up-to-date computers

and access the Internet. Unfortunately, the grant did not include funding for staffing a Public Computer Center.  Because of the current economic situation, and the Library’s already underfunded and understaffed status, we must rely on volunteers to run the center.

Can you help? If you have people skills, we need you.  If you enjoy teaching, we need you. If you have experience with computers, we need you. If you don’t have strong computer skills, we still need you because the Colorado State Library will offer training. By committing to a two-hour shift per week, you can give your family, friends, neighbors, constituents, and your customers the chance to access information, apply for employment, and pursue educational goals. Knowing how to use a computer and surf the ‘Net are no longer optional skills; it’s difficult to be an active and participating member of the 21st century if you aren’t connected.

For more details, please contact Jane Besel at the Carnegie Public Library by calling 719 846 6841, emailing her at [email protected] with “PCC Volunteer” as the subject, or dropping in at the Library.