There is a New Buzz in Trinidad

Something special is happening in Trinidad. You can’t touch it per say but you can sure feel it as you drive around town. Trinidad is exploding with a new confidence and direction as we move into the second half of 2007. You see it everywhere you go in the town and Las Animas County. People are fixing up their buildings and businesses all over town and even the City of Trinidad is getting into the act.

The general feeling is that Cougar Canyon with it’s Jack Nicolas designed golf course and home sites, which is just getting off the ground now, is lighting the fire of positive activity. But the truth is there are many things going on like our new redesigned Interstate as it goes through town and there is the two new hotels, Holiday Inn and La Quinta, that just broke ground at Exit 11 near Walmart.

The Old Schneider Brewery
The Old Schneider Brewery Building will become a pedestrian mall
with retail shops, lofts and offices.

There is also the new Pedestrian Mall that will be starting construction soon in the old Schneider Brewery building that will have retail shops and offices on the main level and residential lofts on the remaining levels. They also own the old Radio Shack building that collapsed in the heavy snow last year and this space along with the open space north of this building will be used also as part of their development.

The Old Michael Beshoar Building
The Old Dr. Michael Beshoar Building

One of my favorites is the old Michael Beshoar building above on Commercial Street that is being restored by Frank Images. I understand there is living quarters upstairs and retail space downstairs. All of the front windows have been replaced and updated. Great job on the detailed painting too.

And then there is the old McCormick Building that is across the street from the Columbia Hotel and First National Bank that has been restored upstairs with living space and all of the main street level businesses have also been restored. What a beautiful building and a fantastic job of restoring the structure to a new splendor. I understand that the owners of this building also own the old Tire Store on Main Street near Safeway and it is being restored and spiffed up right now for a new restaurant that will be opening soon and it is understood that the previous owners of the Timbers in Cuchara are going to be running it. Yum Yum! Pretty exciting stuff.

There is no way that I even touched on all the buildings and businesses that have been fixed up or are under construction right now but we are so enthused about the steady solid growth that we see in Trinidad. My hat is off to all those that are doing such a great job with their buildings in town! And last but not least even Aguilar has had a face lift with new curb and gutter, sidewalks and paving on main street including period street lights and benches. Wow! You will be surprised at the new look of Trinidad.