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Note: Family History Records and Research: We get a lot of emails about Family History and Genealogy requesting us to do research. Sorry we Do Not Research Records so please do not send an email asking us to help you research or for information about your family. The good news is that we do have a very active Family History Forum where you may find someone that can help you and you might even find relatives online! But the best part is someone on the forum is sure to help you figure out how to find the information you are looking for. Because of spam on the forum when you register you will have to wait on your approval, it is not instant access as each member is manually approved. We do not reply to emails about researching family history or locating family members. Please sign up for the forum, that is what it is for. Note! Chamber of Commerce type inquiries for information about local businesses, schools and local information should be requested by calling 1-866-480-4750 or locally 719-846-9285 or by emailing the Trinidad/Las Animas County Chamber of Commerce directly. Sorry we don’t have, supply or have access to this type of information and suggest that you contact the Chamber directly. For all other inquiries to use the form below.

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