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04-29-2003, 09:24 AM
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In a 4-2 decision yesterday, the Colorado Supreme Court has overturned both the District Court and Colorado Court of appeals rulings, and has found that San Luis Heirs to an 1844 Mexican land grant have access to the Taylor Ranch for grazing, firewood and timber. However, the court did not find that access to fishing, hunting and recreation was included in the original grant. The Supreme Court did retain jurisdiction to determine which landowners may exercise rights to graze livestock and gather wood on the 77,000-acre ranch. Every person's claim to the rights will now have to be traced back to William Gilpin, Colorado's First Territorial Governor who agreed to provide Vara strip deeds to settlers when he purchased the ranch from Carlos Beaubien in the 1860's. The case has now been remanded to the Costilla County Court.

Colorado State Sen. Lewis Entz, yesterday, reversed course and voted for Sen. Jim Dyer's sb236, a $10 billion water-bonding bill that Entz had previously opposed. Entz cast the 18th vote needed to pass sb236 by an 18-17 margin after dyer allowed Entz to amend his own bill, sb126, into the dyer bill. Entz's sb126 technically died last week when the house and senate couldn't reconcile their differences. Sb236 proposes a November election referendum to authorize the Colorado water conservation board to issue up to $10 billion in bonds for major ware development projects. Entz's amendment would remove several limitations on the existing bonding authority of a different board, the Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority.

Christopher Gay, 26, of Alamosa, pleaded guilty to felony theft of $500-$15,000, yesterday, from his former employer, Alamosa National Bank. Before the guilty plea, Gay's attorney presented a $44,746.89 check to Roger Knapp, president of the bank. The check, plus the amount of $2,900 that remains in Gay's account at Alamosa National Bank, represent the full amount of restitution due to the bank. Gay was originally charged with felony theft of more than $15,000 for thefts from the bank that took place during his employment as bookkeeping supervisor between may 2001 and December of last year. Gay could face up to six years in prison on the amended charge. District Judge O. John Kuenhold will sentence him on May 27th.

Patrick Ramirez, 33, plead not guilty to child abuse and felony accessory to murder charges before District Judge O. John Kuenhold in Alamosa district court yesterday. Ramirez was originally charged with accessory to child abuse in connection with the abuse and death of 18-month-old Kyran Gaston Voss. Kyran died on March 24th as a result of injuries received in late January allegedly associated with "shaken baby syndrome". The charges against Ramirez have been amended to accessory to first-degree murder and accessory to child abuse resulting in death. Kuenhold set trial for October 21st with a case review set for may 27th.

The auxiliary of the Fisher's Peak Volunteer Fire Department will sponsor its annual garage sale to benefit the fire department on Saturday, May 10th, at the Starkville Fire Station located at I-25, exit 11. Doors will be open from 8am to 2pm for the sale. Call 846-1515 for more information.

The 52nd national observance of the national day of prayer will be held on Thursday from 11 to 11:45am at the Custer County Courthouse on 6th street in Westcliffe. The observance will take place around the flagpole, or in the courthouse basement if the weather is not conducive. The pledge of allegiance will be recited and patriotic songs will also be sung. All are welcome.