View Full Version : Cokedale School Picture 1940's

07-16-2005, 12:20 PM
I am looking for a copy of this school picture. Possibly Cokedale school or one called Midway (between Bon Carbo and Cokedale).
Some of the kids in this photo are: Viola Romero, Rita Torres, Connie Trujillo, Mary Montoya, Annie Bowman, Roseanne Roybal, Mary Santestevan, Dolores LaCrue, Carmen LaCrue,Annabel LaCrue, Blanche Roybal,Yolanda Torres, Annie Bowman, Filbert Roybal, Lucy Martinez, Garfield Trujillo, Gilbert LaCrue, Richard Shannon and Albert Martinez


Picture date is around 1940, my Mother was Carmen LaCrue and was in the photo, but some how scrathed out!

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