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09-05-2003, 09:49 AM
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Colorado State Health Officials announced yesterday that three more people have died of West Nile Virus. That brings the total to 16 deaths from the virus and the number of infections has now climbed to 1,051 in humans for this year. The latest victims were identified as a 76-year-old man from Logan County. The details of his death were not made available. A 75-year-old man who lived in rural Lincoln County and was suffering from encephalitis. He died on Tuesday. And, an 80-year-old man from Denver who was suffering from meningitis. He died on August 22nd. Five men and 11 women have now succumbed to the virus. Remember, the best way to avoid getting West Nile Virus is to avoid being bitten. Use insect repellant when outdoors, wear protective clothing, and limit outside activities during the early morning and late evening hours.

Problems at the Trinidad Landfill were up for discussion at the Trinidad City Council meeting on Tuesday. City Attorney Gene Duran told council that the city is running out of time to address the landfill issues before the state levies fines of $50 to $200 a day. Duran said that state health officials are concerned with airborne trash at the landfill. A containment fence is being built at the landfill which should be completed in about three weeks. The only other major issue, Duran said, is the lack of a viable landfill operations plan which would give the operator of the landfill specific guidance for day-to-day operation. Such a plan would eliminate the problem of fines.

Deputy Alamosa District Attorney Mike Gonzales told District Judge O. John Kuenhold on Tuesday that Children's Hospital in Denver is not any closer to getting the information that has been requested in the case against Patrick Ramirez, 33, of Denver. Ramirez is charged with accessory to first-degree murder in the March 23rd death of 19-month-old Kyran Gaston-Voss. Ramirez was reportedly babysitting Kyran when the child was injured back in January. The crucial piece of missing evidence is reportedly a four page written statement which begins with the line "Kyran volunteered to be the recipient of the abuse in order to be the bearer of growth to the family and other people he touched". The author and exact meaning of that line are unknown, however, a nurse at the hospital suspected child abuse after reading the line. Children's Hospital reportedly won't accept a subpoena for the nurse on her behalf.

District Judge George Newnam set February 17th as the trial date for Janice Rubidoux, of Trinidad. Rubidoux, the former office manager at Diagnostic Technologies, Inc., is charged with stealing at least $650,000 from her employer over a seven-year period. She entered a plea of not guilty yesterday. Rubidoux allegedly stole about $100,000 a year from the company beginning in 1996. She made unauthorized withdrawals from medical payments made to Diagnostic Technologies using a private account at Community First National Bank in Trinidad. She reportedly used the money on travel, vacations, Denver Broncos season tickets and other merchandise.

San Luis Valley potato farmers are expected to dump as many as 2 million 100-pound bags of potatoes this year due to poor market conditions. The potatoes were selling for $4 to $5 a bag at their peak, but are currently selling for about $2 a bag due to a lack of demand for them. As a result, many unsold potatoes are still sitting in cellars and have begun to sprout. This years' crop of potatoes is also about ready to harvest. The Colorado Potato Administrative Committee won't know exactly how many 100-pound bags will be dumped until later this month or early next month.