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11-25-2003, 04:04 PM
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The first snowfall of any consequence hit Southeastern Colorado on Saturday causing numerous accidents and cold temperatures. From Colorado Springs to Pueblo to Walsenburg, Trinidad and the San Luis Valley, snow fell making roads icy and slick. Many accidents were reported by police but most of them were minor in nature. Yet, insurance companies will probably be flooded with claims for those minor accidents this week, which often result in thousands of dollars in repairs. Temperatures are expected to warm up today thru Thanksgiving so travel may get better as the week progresses. Thanksgiving Day is expected to be in the High 40‚€™s to Low 50‚€™s in the area.

If you are planning to fly somewhere for Thanksgiving or Christmas, its important to know what the airports expect of you. A few tips to know, is that you cannot carry wrapped gifts on the plane. All contents are subject to search, so leave any gifts you are taking, unwrapped. You can carry on one bag plus a purse or briefcase. The rest must be checked. Take ID such as your driver‚€™s license. If your driver‚€™s license is being renewed and you have not received the new one, you can use the old one. Carry undeveloped film in a carryon bag. Leave bags unlocked. Security officials can break locks and not have to replace them if they feel they need to check your luggage. Also avoid wearing metal items that will set off metal detectors. Remember not to take guns, knives, fingernail clippers or fingernail metal files with you. They can and will be confiscated. You should arrive at the airport 2 hours before your flight this holiday season.

The La Puente Homeless Shelter in Alamosa was the site of 75 volunteers over the weekend preparing over 600 sacks of Thanksgiving foods to distribute to families in the San Luis Valley who may otherwise not have a Thanksgiving dinner this year. The homeless shelter will also serve Thanksgiving dinner at 913 State Street this Thursday.

The Community of Sanford is pulling together to try to get the return of two brothers who grew up in the Sanford area but are illegal immigrants and were recently deported to Mexico, a land they were born in but are totally unfamiliar with. Immigration officials told 40 residents this past weekend there are 4 options for the brothers but the process is slow. Edgar and Edguardo Garcia 20 and 22 were deported when a traffic stop showed the two men had no driver‚€™s license. They were deported two months ago. There are several appeal processes, a lawsuit could be enacted, a U.S. Senator could introduce and private bill to allow for their return, which has been done for others in the past, or someone, could marry them and bring them back to the country. Either avenue will take time.

The Alamosa School Board continues to look into ways of improving safety in the schools after some sixth graders at Ortega Middle School last week were found to be carrying guns and ammunition. A public forum has been held with numerous suggestions being made, from having security guards in the schools, holding unannounced locker searches, installing security cameras and more.

The Trinidad High School will be getting a new roof next summer. A grant for over $400,000 was given to the school but it can't be accesses until next May.