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12-02-2003, 01:09 PM
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An Aurora couple, Dr. James Colt and his wife Darlene, were all set for retirement heaven on their 240 acre‚€™s a mile north of Segundo, instead the couple say gas drilling operations have all but ruined the tranquil mountain environment. Their dream has turned into a two-year nightmare involving hundreds of personal meetings, letters, e-mails and calls to Evergreen Resources Inc., regarding property and maintenance repairs, pipeline and intrusion issues. Dr. & Mrs. Colt are so frustrated that they are on the verge of a lawsuit against evergreen. Stephanie Basey operations Manager of Evergreen Raton Basin insists the company has made a good-faith effort to address the Colt‚€™s concerns.

Roxanna Vega 17, of Alamosa is slowly mending despite being severely injured in a car crash in January. Vega made national news on January 3, when despite fractures to here spine and neck and a broken ankle and arm; she made her long journey to find help. Vega was with her cousin Allison Phillips, who was suffering from a bipolar disorder and not taking her medication. As they were driving over snowy Wolf Creek Pass she told her three young children they would see a bright light and go to see Jesus. Vega recalls the next thing she knew is the vehicle was speeding up towards the side of a cliff. The car rolled down the hill about 160 feet. She braved the 24-degree weather huddled beneath a blanket until morning with two of the children. After sun up she crawled up the snowy cliff often through 20 inches of snow to get help. A dentist and his wife from Amarillo Texas stopped and helped. Allison and one of her children died in the crash, the two others were badly injured. Vega has told her story on national television and in magazines.

A training session for the public on suicide will be held in Trinidad on December 6th. Cost is $25 with the proceeds going to benefit the American Red Cross in Trinidad. Mary Ann Hammond will be the trainer. She told KSPK News what the program will entail in the one-day training the location is 136 W. Main Street in Trinidad. For more information call 845-9683.

On Sunday Fort Garland marked the holiday season and the closing of the U.S. Military Fort 120 years ago. Having served the country in its westward growth for 25 years, the fort had outlived its purpose in the San Luis Valley by 1883 said Museum Director Rick Manzanares. The development of the railroad, peace with the Utes and a fast-changing landscape were the main causes of the fort‚€™s closing. The Fort Garland Fair Association was formed to save and restore the old fort as a museum. Restoration of various buildings has been ongoing.